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Who Moved My Cheese?



Who Moved My Cheese?

  • Author  : Spencer Johnson
  • Country  : United States
  • Genre  : Self-help / motivational
  • Publication date  : September 7, 1998
  • Pages  : 94 pp.


Description of the book

This is a symbolic story written by the wonderful writer Spencer Johnson, and it is one of the most beautiful books that shows how important change is for humans in this life, especially since change is the year of life.

The story shows that there are two dwarves, one called Hao and the other heme, in a maze with two mice. Their goal in life was to search for a piece of cheese, to which they would enjoy rest and stability. Each of them followed a method of searching for this piece of which they dreamed of. The mice followed the method of trial and error, and they collided with dark and dead ends. And every time they don’t find their way back, they search again.

As for the dwarves, they followed the way of thinking, clashed with their beliefs and ideas to reach their goal, and every day they wore sneakers and took their way in the maze to find the piece of cheese.

They all continued with this until they found the piece of cheese. So they rejoiced a lot. They started dreaming and planning; Some of them wanted to have a family, and some of them wanted to enjoy the piece of cheese and its taste. The dwarves even built two houses near a piece of cheese and glued them on the walls. And they wrote on the wall: cheese makes us happy.

Initially, everyone was rushing early to the cheese site, walking the same known route and becoming their own routine. But after a short period, the two dwarfs followed a different routine, so they woke up from their sleep late and then walked out of their shoes to the cheese station, relaxing and behaving as if they were at home. They felt so secure that they did not notice what was going on.

As for the mice, they continued their daily routine, they arrived early to the cheese site, and they visited the place to make sure there was no change, and then they sat down to eat the cheese. On one day, they came to the same place and they did not find it. The mice arrived early and were not surprised, because they had noticed that they had been decreasing for a while and had not overestimated the situation. The situation in the place has changed, so they must change. They decided to put on the shoes and search again in the maze to cut the cheese elsewhere.

As for the dwarfs, Howe and Hem, they kept screaming and shouting: “Whoever moved my cheese.” Taking mourning themselves and wondering who took it without right !!. They did not believe the reality, and this is from human nature …

The behavior of the two pygmies was understandable. It was not easy to find new cheese and was the only source of their happiness. After long thinking, they decided to check the place again and return the next day to check whether the cheese was returned to its place or not.

And on the next day they did not find her, so he returned on the third day, but they did not find it. Heim suggested that they bring in drilling tools to search for them. On the fourth day, they brought the tools of digging and digging until they broke the wall, but they did not find cheese. On him shouting, he went astray and he repeated who took my cheese.

When they felt desperate and frustrated, Howe tried to persuade Him to go back to the labyrinth and the search again with a sense of fear for this step because he had forgotten the way of the maze and its paths. However, he did not agree to this, justifying his fear that he was relaxing at the place, that he found happiness in it, and that he also had grown up and could not take the labyrinth path again.

Howe opened his eyes, asking: Where are the two mice? Do you think they know something we don’t know? He replied, in sarcasm: They are just mice, we are smarter than mice. Howe said: I know that we are smarter, but we are not acting smart at this very moment, perhaps the mice now have found another piece of cheese and they are now blessed with an individual who is justified or perhaps they have perished in The way He said: Things are changing here and it might be better for us, too.

Himm asked: Why shouldn’t we change? We are distinct human beings and should not be exposed to such situations. We are right holders and we must be compensated or at least notified of the change before it happens and it is unfair that the cheese suddenly runs out. Howe replied, “We have to stop analyzing the situation and start looking for new cheese, but Him refused.”

Howe thought and decided to change, because if he remained in his place, he would definitely perish. When he saw his friend wearing his shoes, he said: I can’t believe you will go to the maze again. You must wait with me here until they return the cheese to us.

Howe replied: There is no one to return our cheese to us, we are responsible for ourselves It is time to search for new cheese, sometimes things change, and this is the year of life, life goes on and we must go with it.

Hao went into the maze and felt intense fear, and he continued searching between its corridors, sometimes he saw a dark path and sometimes a dead end, and he delayed his journey and began to despair for him until he thought of returning to his friend, perhaps the piece of cheese had returned, but he retreated because he realized that this adventure was not guaranteed and that His feeling is the result of fear, so he said to himself: It is better to arrive late, than not to have arrived at all.

And remember that the piece of cheese was diminishing day by day, and not only that, but the mold began to coat it, so he was surprised at how he missed it and did not notice it. He had in his pocket some of the old pieces of cheese, so he took it out and noticed how much the mold had covered it, so he decided to get rid of it so that he could find a new piece of cheese.

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