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Where do I find happiness ! 2021




Happiness is a person’s feeling of satisfaction with his life and contentment with all that God has divided for him in life, and the concept of happiness may differ from one person to another. Happiness in some situations may be temporary, such as happiness upon success or obtaining a job and other similar reasons that soon end for a person to return to The normal life that makes him always search for comfort and happiness, so how do we find this happiness? This is what we will try to clarify through our topic, God willing.


The illusion of happiness

Some people may find that collecting money and following desires is what causes them happiness, so they may imitate the West in some of their behavior or live with them. This is evident among our young people who are trying hard to live in the West believing that the freedom they enjoy is what causes happiness and after they try life there For a while they return to feeling unhappy, especially with the spread of mental illnesses among Western nations and depressive states that lead to suicide, and among people who find that the family and having children are the cause of happiness, and after a while, they return to feeling unhappy and sad, especially when children go to their private lives, whether they are studies, marriage, or anything else. Fathers are alone, and these were examples of the reasons that are difficult to enumerate in this topic, but despite the different causes of happiness according to each person, everyone agrees that spiritual happiness is more important than material happiness, and health and peace of mind are among the most important causes of happiness for most people.

How to get happiness

Any person can maintain his health from diseases through many things that must be followed, whether in food or in the effort that he exerts. As for peace of mind, how does it come? It comes from being close to God, performing ritual acts, and adhering to the morals that make us deal with our society with friendliness and love, which gives us self-satisfaction which is the most important reason for happiness. Which makes him feel happy most of the time.

Life is not without its upsets, it is unreasonable for a person to live happy all the time, and he must be exposed to difficult situations that make him sad for some time, but this does not mean that he becomes miserable and distracted from the remembrance of God, but rather he must praise God in good and bad to remain satisfied with what God has decreed He has in this universe, this is the year of life, and if a person lived at the same pace throughout his life, he would be bored.

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