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What you do not know about Google and its founder !!



Search engines

The search engine, which means the computer program designed to help users find documents stored in the Internet via the personal computer, and those documents are intended; data and information that a person searches for and seeks to obtain, and may be in the form of files, images, or a combination of web pages Or site directories and more.

Documents are preserved and stored in the Internet through a specific algorithm based on classic techniques by building indexes of documents, and through a fast and efficient operating system. The results appear as a list of the most important references and keywords colored in visible and distinctive colors to them, and the history of the first electronic searches dates back to 1982 , And it was the first rudimentary search engine at the time to provide information from FTP files, an Archie engine that first appeared in 1990.



Google is considered a global American company concerned with organizing information and making it accessible to anyone in the world, and it specializes in advertising related to search services on the Internet, in addition to sending e-mail messages through Gmail, in addition to publishing to sites containing text information, and graphical information in the form of rules Data and maps on the Internet, and the company’s headquarters known as “Google Blix” is located in the city of Mountain Filo in California, and the company ranked first as the best commercial company, and also won the hundred strongest brands in the world, and we will address in this article to the extent The founder of Google Inc., and the acquisition of companies, and merging with them, and some of its services.

Google founder

The idea of ​​establishing Google appeared in the last quarter of the twentieth century, and that was at the hands of student Larry Page, and then Sergey Brin followed him. They participated in preparing a doctoral thesis at Stanford University in California, and the subject of their scientific project was an electronic search engine, which they submitted in 1995. , And named this engine the name “Google”, and their project was greatly admired by the university lecturers, due to the simplicity of their design of the engine, and the ease of use in searching for information and electronic data in the Internet, and the site Google achieved impressive success at Stanford University, and in the United States of America Then, I will N for its launch formally in 1998, turning research participation in the university to an official global popular site attracts thousands of people a day, bring development to this day as a result of the many services, ideas, and products that have improved methods of electronic search.

Acquisition merging companies

Google acquired many small companies. In 2006, Google bought an application specializing in preparing weblogs statistics, and its name was Major Map, which was owned by Adaptive Bath, and Google updated this application, then relaunched it again, and later in the same year Google acquired an application YouTube specializes in video movies, as it bought it for $ 1.65 billion, and then bought the Hot Spot company, which is the company that improved wiki technology for group websites. In 2007, Google bought DoubleClick for $ 3.1 billion, and in the same year Grand Central Company purchased 50 million du Lara, in addition to the competent company Postini to secure e-mail, and corporate messages.

Some Google services

  • Groups service: It represents the service of creating and subscribing to mailing groups.
  • Gmail Service: It represents the non-traditional mail service, and it contains several services.
  • Reader Service: This service reads RSS feeds, and it has great potential.
  • Translate service: This service is represented by translation from Google, whether translating texts, or translating sites, and depends on artificial intelligence, and one of its advantages is its support for the Arabic language.

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