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What Is The Subconscious Mind?



The subconscious mind

What is the subconscious mind

Some psychologists talk about the subconscious mind as a pearl buried inside the human soul that needs someone to discover. The philosopher Socrates asked the man to dive into the depths of his human soul. To define himself by himself without referring to a specific theory or law, for he is more knowledgeable about it than others, and until the concept of the subconscious mind is brought closer, it has been likened to two mountains: the first mountain, which is the conscious mind; It is the mind with which a person deals with his external and internal world based on certain principles and foundations in life, and many see them as logical and acceptable, and this conscious mind is formed from childhood. It is formed from a combination of factors; As methods of education, and the nature of family, social, ethical, and religious upbringing, the first mountain begins to rise and grow more than the other mountain, which is the unconscious mind or the subconscious.


The subconscious mind

Definition of the subconscious

It is the container that collects all the thoughts and feelings that a person has brought into him that he will one day find that they go out to the outside world in a certain way to express his personality. This vessel if a person introduces negative thoughts and experiences and feelings of hatred and hatred, then the result is a sick and evil personality, but if he introduces positive thoughts And the beautiful feelings and wonderful memories full of love, friendliness, and tolerance, the personality that results from it is a positive and successful character, and it is the hidden pearl that many have spoken about. They appear again as personal tendencies and interests in a person, and the subconscious mind may influence the human decisions that come from him, especially the quick decisions from them.

The duality of the conscious and the subconscious mind

Man has one mind; However, this mind is characterized by two different features, and it performs two tasks that are not alike, so each task has a feature that makes it different from the other, and the sensing mind and the non-sensitized mind can be pronounced, or what is known as the conscious mind and the subconscious, as well as the awakened mind and the sleeping other, or the mind What we see on the surface, and the other lying in the depths, as well as the two, are the voluntary mind of man and his involuntary mind. This is the duality of the mind that shows that the human mind performs two completely different tasks. Joseph Murphy likened the human mind to a garden in which a person sows the seeds that he wants to plant in this garden, and these seeds are the ideas that he puts into his mind, and if the seeds are good, the harvest is good. And the garden produced beautiful flowers, as well as the subconscious if a person brought into him wonderful positive thoughts, his harvest would be wonderful.

The conscious mind is the one that determines the thoughts and perceptions that the subconscious mind brings out, whether positive or negative, sound or corrupt, and a person must realize an important truth, which is the existence of harmony and duality between the conscious mind and the subconscious. When a person thinks correctly and a good knowledge of the ideas that have been entered into the subconscious mind, and that these are good thoughts in which there is full harmony and free from disturbance; The strange inner powers of the subconscious mind will produce peaceful situations and appropriate conditions, and thus a person can control his subconscious mind and use it to solve the problems and difficulties he faces.

The subconscious mind, meditation

Methods of entering the subconscious

The unconscious mind of a person contains a great deal of wisdom and knowledge, which man does not exploit the best exploitation, as he needs to unleash his unconscious mind to liberate his latent power and be the cause of the success and change of his life, and a person can enter the subconscious mind by following some Of the tips and methods that help to do so, including:

  • Meditation: Meditation is the simplest way to reach the unconscious mind. As it takes the person to a state close to the dream, then the work of the brain becomes slower and more organized, and the noise of daily life is less influential and more distant, in the normal situation person the scope of his brain work is in the beta mode, which is the state that is associated with wakefulness, and it may be accompanied by tension, anger or anxiety. In the state of deep contemplation, the pattern moves to the delta mode. As a result, of that a change in the quality of a person’s thinking, and the flow of thoughts from his subconscious mind to him, to begin to impose themselves in the state of consciousness, and in this case, the person must allow these thoughts to flow, and the more he practiced meditation, the more skillful he became in defining a particular situation, he may find solutions to problems or dilemmas he faces, and a person can learn to meditate quickly, as he does not need much time.
  • Listening to creativity: The way the unconscious mind talks with a person is without words, as it speaks with pictures, sounds, and music, so listening to the individual helps the mind to express himself, so practicing a certain type of many arts – such as pottery or others – helps him show a certain aspect of his personality.
  • Following the instinct: If a person tries to confront a problem or make a specific decision about something that happened to him, then the first thing that comes to his mind is the unconscious talk, and a person may think at that moment that the decision he made is not correct. Yet these decisions may be incredibly perceptive and accurate.

Imagination is the power of success

George Bernard Shaw says: (The imagination is the beginning of creation, you imagine what you want, then you do what you imagine, and finally you create what you do). The greats of the world spoke about themselves and said that they became great because they possessed the ability to imagine the great accomplishments that they were running, so their full inner strengths came out, and imaginations gave strength and the ability to emerge into the light, and so the great people used their imagination energy to create success in their lives, all the events that You pass by a person as a result of his imaginations, and this matter is extremely important; The first way to success lies in the image that a person sets for himself, so no one denies that some many external influences and difficulties affect a person, and things may get out of control. His work, health, and self-confidence, and all that a person needs to succeed in his life is a good awareness of what he is producing or creativity.

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