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What is the Definition of Marketing?



What is the Marketing

Definition of marketing

Marketing specialization may have several courses, some of which focus on many ways to develop and sell products to distinct customer markets, as well as learn different methods of marketing products and services for specific companies, as students who specialize in marketing tend to choose basic courses in commerce, which include all Principles of marketing, finance, management, and economics, so that they obtain a certificate that enables them to obtain a job in a specific company, and they can also strengthen the degree they possess to obtain more marketing courses.


Marketing major courses

There are several possible courses in Marketing, including:

  • Business to Business (B2B) Marketing.
  • Marketing Research.
  • Product Management.
  • Corporations and Financing.
  • Marketing Strategy and Management.
  • Retail and Sales Management.
  • Global Marketing Techniques.
  • Logistical Strategies.

What is the Definition of Marketing

It is noteworthy that there are additional courses that can be taken, namely: principles of marketing, sales, international marketing, public speaking, management writing, e-commerce, graphic design, and logistics, in addition to some computer-based courses that teach students how to define target markets The correct product can be promoted in.

Marketing elements

Marketing includes a mixture of elements, through which goods and services are transferred from the basic principle to the customer in the management process, and these elements are:

  • Product identification, selection and development.
  • Determine the price.
  • Choose the distribution method to reach the customer’s location.
  • Product process development and implementation.

Definition of marketing

Marketing specialties

There are several areas of marketing specialization, including:

  • Marketing Assistant: where the specialist assists marketing experts and administrators, carrying out support and routine tasks.
  • Sales representative: The salesperson is one of the excellent jobs in the field of marketing, as the primary goal in companies is to increase the sale of products and services, and it should be noted that he can do more sales jobs than all other marketing disciplines.
  • Social Media Manager: Organizations of all kinds focus on online marketing. Social media managers organize and refine the image of their organizations on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest and Tumblr.
  • Public Relations Representative: Marketing majors teach students how to analyze consumers and identify forms of communication that can affect people, in addition to focusing on the basis of public relations, thus marketing graduates have strong journalistic writing skills, which are more suitable for public relations jobs that involve Use the media to get coverage about the organization.
  • Brand Manager (Product): The life of a brand manager usually begins as an assistant, market analyst, sales representative, and consumer product development program trainee, then gets a master’s in business administration, and thus reaches the position of brand manager, where he supervises all aspects of product or service marketing.
  • Market studies analyst: Market studies analysts design and make assessments of consumer reactions to products, new services, modified products, our packaging and advertising, as they collect, organize, and interpret data using software and statistical tools, and therefore marketing professionals must With strong quantitative, analytical and research skills should consider this position.

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