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What is Engineering? | Types of Engineering



What is Engineering and types of Engineering


Engineering is defined as one of the specialized professions for the design, construction, and operation of structures, machines, and other devices from industry and daily life. Engineering is an interdisciplinary curriculum that includes the education of technology, science, mathematics, and engineering. Also, engineers play a fundamental role in providing practical uses for scientific discoveries and innovations that enhance human being.


Types of Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

A chemical engineer must have knowledge and knowledge of chemistry and mechanical engineering, so that a laboratory chemist detects and adapts chemical reactions, in addition to that engineering deals with the design, construction, and operation of machines to make products such as drugs, acids, plastics, synthetic rubber, and dyes.

Civil Engineer

Civil engineering

Civil engineering encompasses design, maintenance, construction, and planning of structures and changing geography; To suit human needs, there are some of the many subdivisions, which are means of transportation, including buildings, bridges, tunnels, railway facilities, highways, as well as control of rivers, irrigation and water supply, sewage disposal, and swamp drainage.

Electrical engineering

Electrical engineering

Electrical engineering includes power engineering, generation, and transmission, in addition to the branch of electronics, and these electronics are the ones that control electrical devices, and it includes several branches, including communication engineering, microwave engineering, computer engineering, and digital signal processing.

The industrial engineering

The industrial engineering

Industrial engineering is known as management engineering, and it is concerned with efficient production, as it designs industrial methods and not machines, and its functions include plant planning, personnel business analysis and planning, economic handling of raw materials, their passage through the manufacturing process, and effective leadership of the ready-made product list.

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is concerned with design, structure, power operation, factory machinery, and workers, as it deals with anything that moves, and one of the common ways to divide mechanical engineering is by using heat and designing machines, as machine design is concerned with equipment, and includes those that use thermal processes in their work, as well as Heat, is generated, distributed and used in boilers, heat engines, air conditioning systems, and refrigerators.

Aviation Engineering

Aviation Engineering

Aeronautical engineering is used in designing aircraft and missiles, and in directing the technical stages of their manufacturing and operation process, as for metallurgy engineering, it includes mining and mineral extraction, as for petroleum engineering, it involves extracting minerals from the ground and converting them into pure forms, and from other branches of engineering: agronomy, engineering Physical engineering, geological engineering, marine engineering, architecture, marine engineering, and nuclear engineering.

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