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What do you know about art and its types?



Definition of art

Art defines convention as adornment and adornment, which is the design of a new creative thing and the mastery of its work, and art is defined in particular as a personal skill that produces an aesthetic work that arouses feelings of joy and pleasure in the human soul, and it can be said in short that it is a vision or intuition, as it presents the image or imagination of the artist in the form of work Artistic, and its goal is to communicate beauty, and arts are a link between man and nature. Elements of artwork constitute a simulation of elements in nature, and the artist surpasses them with his creativity and imagination, and what inspires him with his insight. Fine arts or so-called fine arts include music, poetry, prose, architecture, painting, sculpture, dancing, singing, and acting. The word art is related to the plastic or visual arts, which have common characteristics, although they differ.


Art types

There are many types of arts and they differ, so; It has been classified according to different foundations and standards. Philosophers and aesthetics have worked hard to classify the arts, and the following is mentioned for the most important classifications followed:

Fine Art

Fine art is defined as everything the artist takes from natural reality and then reconfigures it in a new and different way from what is in nature according to his vision, ideas, and approach, and examples of plastic arts: sculpture and architecture.


Photography is one of the visual arts, also called the art of sensory appearance, and includes photography and the art of gardens.

The art of playing with feelings

The art of sensations is the art that affects the senses; Such as affecting the auditory sense like music or influencing the visual sense such as drawing and coloring art, and if the art affects more than one sense it is called complex art; Like theater, opera, singing, and dancing.

Kinetics arts

Motor arts are considered to be one of the oldest arts, and this art gives the person the impetus for movement and impulse, as it provides emotional connotations and meaningful messages, and the most prominent examples of this type of art are:

Dancing: It is considered a form of physical movement. The forms of dance are varied, including ballet dance, solo dance, and dance-related to sublime and religious meanings, such as dervish dance, and others.

Singing: It is a kind of vocal kinematics. Singing translates the feelings inside us into beautiful and expressive words that make the body blend in and sway with it.

Music: Researchers consider music to be dependent on singing, which is the language of vibration of machines to transform emotions into a sound effect.

Static arts

They are arts that are built on mental harmony and subject to logic, and they are art that raises the admiration of its recipients for its beauty, and among these arts: architecture, photography, and sculpture. These arts are called static, But the name is related only to its physical condition, but its artistic effect makes an effect on the soul.

Poetic arts

Performing poetry includes performing arts, comedies, tragedies, fictional and lyric poetry, and these types of arts combine the side of literary art and the aspect of singing and music.

Sculptures and photography

Sculpture and photography is considered one of the least interesting arts in the Arab Islamic world, and sculpture has spread in different places. Like Iran, Iraq, Egypt, and Syria, while photography was widespread in Iran.

Art history

The age of art can be considered the age of a person; Where the ancient ruins reveal to us the beginning of the formation of the artistic sense of man; As the invention of the tools necessary to survive in the Stone Age is a kind of human discovery of creativity in it, as the art develops through drawings discovered on the walls of caves and carved statues that symbolize the gods they believe in.

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