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What an MBA Degree Is and What You Need to Know



What is an MBA major

MBA degree

By the degree we mean (MBA): Master of Business Administration, which is one of the certificates that is recognized worldwide, and has been developed to be one of the skills required for careers in the field of business and management, and the importance of this specialization lies in individuals who want to reach higher positions in business administration.


This specialization arose in the early twentieth century, when it started in the United States of America, after the development of the industrial sector greatly, and the (MBA) specialization covers various and varied fields, such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, and operations management, and is often allowed For students to choose some elective courses that help to hone their talents and learn their skills during the study stage.

MBA specialization program

The major specialized MBA programs around the world have received great interest; This is because it provides the holder with a specific specialization knowledge, thus improving the skills of its members in a specific field, and although the specialized (MBA) program is a Master of Business Administration, there is a focus in a specific area, such as Marketing, health care, or management Investment, and the importance of this program lies in the clarity of one’s career path easier.

What an MBA Degree Is and What You Need to Know

The difference between the MBA and MSc major

The (MBA) and (MSc) majors have considered a master’s in management specializations, but there are some differences in terms of eligibility and personal development, and below we mention some of these differences:

  • Master of MBA: The Master of Business Administration degree is an important certification in developing capabilities and leadership skills, and to study this discipline, it is imperative that an individual has work experience, which greatly contributes to creating a rich educational environment, and this specialization can be studied online. ; Fits all individuals; That is why we find that the (MBA) specialization attracts a large number of students, and this specialization opens up areas of communication and communication within new industries, which in turn contributes to the person’s climbing up the career ladder and getting a better job.
  • MSc: MSc is available for individuals who want to obtain a higher qualification in business administration. Experience in this specialization is not required as it is in the (MBA) major, and the importance of this specialization lies in developing analytical skills in a specific discipline instead of focusing on Administrative and leadership skills, and this specialization can also be studied through distance learning via the Internet, and the individual often needs one year to obtain his certificate, which contributes to a large extent in developing work skills and obtaining new opportunities.

Reasons for studying an MBA

The study of (MBA) specialization contributes to many advantages, especially when it is obtained from a reputable business school, and some of these advantages are summarized as follows:

  • Development of managerial skills: The study of (MBA) specialization contributes to increasing managerial skills of individuals; It helps to teach the individual how to deal with employees and maintain their motivation, and it also helps to teach the individual how to maintain a good reputation of the company, and how to preserve the finances of the companies, which means helping to identify the latest commercial issues in the region and apply the latest methods in the Management.
  • Access to many commercial networks: Studying the (MBA) specialization allows an individual to get to know successful colleagues and administrators, which contributes to refining and developing managerial capabilities and studying this specialization gives the individual training courses in the field of business administration, thus contributing to an interview Potential employers.
  • Increase income opportunities: This specialization provides higher salaries for employees; A person who has an MBA degree usually has a higher salary than other individuals in various majors.
  • Establishing an individual for his own company: The Master of Business Administration program helps people who dream of establishing their own companies to realize their dreams, by providing them with the necessary capabilities, skills, and knowledge; To start their own business.
  • Increasing job opportunities: Most of the people who get high management positions are those who hold an MBA, which contributes to a large extent to increase their salaries.
  • Travel to different places: The study of a Master of Business Administration helps to a great extent to provide opportunities for the individual to travel to other countries, and to get a suitable job, which expands the cultural and professional horizons of the individual.

General information on some materials

For the individual to reach a better understanding of the major (MBA), he must first obtain some general information about the subjects that he will cover during his studies, and below we will mention some of them:

  • Human Resources Management: This course introduces the student to how to manage human resources in business companies, link the theoretical framework to the practical, and how to improve, manage, and develop practices related to the human element.
  • Project management: This article gives a detailed definition of project management, and how to deal with it, plan, organize, implement, monitor, and evaluate projects at each stage of the project.
  • Administrative information systems: data and information are studied, and how to process them, through the use of a computer, and the material speaks in detail about the computer, its parts, its system, information entry devices, and information processing.
  • International Business Administration: This course is concerned with managing international business, taking into account the economic, social, and legal circumstances. This course also focuses on the problems facing business leaders, how to deal with, and adapt to them.

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