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Natural Ways to Improve Your Memory



Ways to Improve Your Memory


Many people sometimes suffer from forgetfulness and lack of focus in some matters due to several reasons, and perhaps the most important of them is not eating balanced meals rich in minerals and vitamins, so we must take care of our food first to avoid weakness or even memory loss in the future.


Follow a healthy diet

A healthy diet is one of the most important things to maintain a healthy mind and memory, so you should make sure to eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, in addition to eating low-fat protein sources, such as lean meats, fish, and skinless poultry.

Drinking water

Make sure to drink sufficient quantities of water, that is, no less than (8-10) cups per day. It helps brain cells to take advantage of nutrients useful for memory, and its deficiency in the body can cause dehydration, which leads to a shrinking of the brain, and impairment of memory.

Ways to boost Your Memory

Learn new things

The more the memory is used, the more its power increases. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the continuity of challenging the mind, and exercise the memory, by learning new skills, such as: learning a new language, or applying mind games, to enhance its strength and ability.


Animal and human studies indicated that the amount and quality of sleep has a major impact on learning and memory, as research indicates that sleep aids learning and remembering. Sleep has a role in supporting memory, by strengthening the neural connections that makeup memories, and it is necessary for learning new information, in addition to sleep deprivation does not allow a person to focus on his tasks well, which leads to inefficient learning, as many believe. From the researchers, there are specific characteristics of brain waves during the different stages of sleep that are associated with the formation of certain types of memory.


Exercise, such as running and swimming, helps increase the size of the hippocampus in the brain, which is the part concerned with verbal memory and learning, as one of the most recent studies in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that exercise helps increase the size of the hippocampus (Hippocampus) in the brain, which is the part concerned with verbal memory and learning. Increase the flow of blood loaded with oxygen and nutrients to the brain; To nourish it, thus strengthening and revitalizing memory.

Natural Ways to Improve Your Memory

Ways to enhance memory and focus

Memory and focus can be strengthened through the following:

  • Eat more foods that contain omega-3, such as seafood, in addition to eating fish three times a week.
  • Eat foods rich in iron, such as red meat and vegetables, such as beans, lentils, and peas. Ironworks and helps transport oxygen to the brain.
  • Exercising some sports as it works to stimulate memory and perception in a person, and such exercises, for example, running, which helps the growth of thousands of brain cells and which works to improve memory, especially as these new cells grow in the area responsible for receiving information.
  • Sleeping adequately during the night for eight hours continuously and regularly, meaning that the hours of sleep are regular every day as much as possible, but if a person’s sleep rate exceeds more than nine hours, this leads to the lethargy of the brain, memory, and brain as well.
  • Memory is also activated by reading and reading in addition to trying to solve puzzles, especially those that do not depend on writing but the mind and focus.
  • Eat some chocolate bars during the day without a lot of them, as chocolate improves blood flow to the brain due to the presence of chemicals in the cocoa seed, especially if some light exercise is done with it.

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