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Why I Gaining Weight After Working Out? Here’s Why



The cause of weight gain after sports

The cause of weight gain after sports

The following points explain some of the reasons that may cause weight gain after exercising:

  • Gaining muscle mass: the increased exercise may lead to an increase in muscle mass, increase its strength, and reduce the level of fat in the body, which is more noticeable once it is performed by those who were following a low-activity or non-active lifestyle (Sedentary), but in a way, General The amount of muscle gained depends on the type of diet and exercise followed, and genetics play a role in building muscle mass when starting to exercise.
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  • Muscle damage caused by exercise: or what is also called microtrauma; It is a temporary phenomenon that occurs after practicing a new or very difficult sports style, and causes damage or damage to muscle fibers. It is an inflammation caused by the accumulation of white blood cells in the damaged tissues, and this inflammation appears with the accumulation of fluid in the form of a temporary increase in weight after exercise, and feeling muscle pain after exercise within 24 to 36 hours is a natural response to this damage and injury to muscle tissue, Therefore, it is recommended to eat properly, and take a break for the muscles of the body to heal and repair.
  • Water retention or temporary storage: Water retention is one of the common causes of temporary weight gain, and other causes of water retention in the body and an increase in body weight: the change in the level of hormones during and before menstruation; On the other hand, exercising may contribute to reducing PMS symptoms, and increasing consumption of foods high in sodium may lead to an increase in body weight. As the consumption of sodium in abundance greatly increases the level of drinking fluids, but without changing the volume of urine, and this causes an increase in body weight, according to a review published in the journal Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism in 2017.

Why I Gaining Weight After Working Out?

Another reason for storing water in the body is the association of glycogen with water as part of the process of providing muscles with energy during exercise, muscle cells convert glycogen into glucose, which is the source of energy for muscles, and the body stores more glycogen with regular exercise, which affects weight gain regularly. simple.

Other causes of weight gain

There are other reasons for weight gain, including the following:

  • Exaggeration in exercising: Although physical activity is important for health in general, over-performance and insufficient rest between exercises, especially aerobic exercises that require increased cardiovascular activity, such as; Marathon, triathlon or triathlon can cause stress due to changing hormone levels, such as; Increasing the level of the hormone cortisol, which may make it more difficult to lose weight and to avoid this, it is recommended to reduce training sessions, give the body adequate rest between exercises, and add exercises that help reduce the level of this hormone, such as; Yoga or meditation.
  • Overestimating the number of calories consumed during exercise: Despite the role of exercise in increasing the metabolism rate and burning calories, it does not reach the amount that some people, including healthy and obese, overestimate, cause weight gain or not lose it. According to what was mentioned by many studies, such as one study that was conducted on healthy people of both sexes between the ages of 20-30 years and published in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness in 2010, where it was found that they estimated the amount they burned calories after completing exercise On the treadmill, 50% of the maximum capacity of oxygen is increased by 3 to 4 times the amount they burn in reality, which ranges between 200 to 300 calories only, and the amount of food consumed after practicing this exercise was greater than the amount that The body burned it two to three times.

Working Out & Gaining Weight After workout

Excessive intake of protein bars and calorie-rich protein drinks after exercise is another reason for weight gain, as a regular protein bar contains about 300 calories, and the problem with eating these bars immediately after exercise is consuming another meal after it as well, even if The high level of calories burned by the person in the day, but these bars should be consumed as a substitute for a meal, not as a snack.

An overview of sports and weight

A healthy diet with exercise is the most important way to lose weight, and although many people only care about diet, exercise is also an essential element in that, and it is important to determine the goal and reason for weight loss when performing these exercises; To be a motivation and a catalyst to continue its practice despite the potential difficulty at the beginning of its performance, and some of these goals may be; Maintaining health, reducing stress, improving stamina, or being able to buy smaller clothes, and other advantages and benefits gained from exercising.

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