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How to control your emotions: tips advices steps



How to control your emotions

Choose topics

It is advisable to avoid topics and circumstances that inflame unwanted emotions, and if a person knows that he is likely to get angry when talking about a certain topic, he should not talk about it, or share their conversation with others, or he can leave the place for ten minutes to control and control emotions.


Changing thoughts

The thoughts that drive beliefs are present in the emotions, so a person feels sad when he thinks that he has lost something, feels angry when he decides that he has been frustrated and did not achieve his goals, and feels happy when he waits for something, so changing thoughts helps change the way he believes how the situation affects the person’s psyche and feelings Thus, it is advisable to replace thoughts that lead to unhappiness with thoughts that lead to joy or at least satisfaction.

tips to control your emotions

Choose a reaction

The way in which emotions are managed is considered one of the most difficult things related to managing emotions, so the way to deal with emotions and reaction is usually considered, and therefore those who feel tension are usually tense for reasons that are not convincing, and thus tension has become a habit that has been linked to the situation in which they do not feel comfortable. Learning to listen to feelings, understand them, and choose the appropriate ones. This is achieved through commitment and continuous effort to possess this essential skill.

Focus attention on the important things

The person should set his eyes off the unimportant matters and focus on what gives him more confidence and positivity. For example, when practicing sports in a gymnasium, you should not focus on other people and what they can reach during training, but focus on the less able people, which gives their eyes more confidence in special abilities, or focus only on the self.

control your emotions


Simple mental techniques can contribute to reducing tension and controlling feelings, including the breathing process or technique so that the person focuses on himself when he begins to lose control of his emotions and feels air as it enters and exits the lungs through the lower throat and nose, and some experts recommend inhaling and exhaling with Mentally count the six.

Adapt to reality

The individual should be open and receptive to all that is going on around him, and stop trying to control what is going on in the place, so accepting things as they are makes the person happier, and more balanced in his feelings.

Stop blaming others

Some people erect a barrier called the blame barrier between them and honestly communicating with others, and then this barrier is reinforced with perceptions of what is right and what is wrong from the person’s point of view, as blaming others feels the person is the best, so we must stop blaming Others; To control the emotions resulting from it.

How i control my emotions

Additional tips to help control emotions

The following points deal with some tips that can help increase control over private feelings:

  • Limit being with individuals who intentionally reinforce negative feelings, or reduce being with them to the maximum extent possible.
  • Regularly taking special medications and nutritional supplements according to the recommendations.
  • Take care to organize an early bedtime, and take into account avoiding the use of electronic devices before that.
  • Organize a diet schedule that includes eating a meal every 3-4 hours; This will regulate the blood sugar level, thus controlling more mood and emotions.

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