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Tips on how to be a leader




A person must be brave; For it to have a leadership personality, and courage includes not being afraid to face chaotic moments, the ability to face mistakes, make difficult decisions, knowing the inability to have answers to all questions and leaders need the courage to be creative and creative and Winston Churchill said that standing and speaking in front of people It takes courage, and so does sitting down and listening to others.


Continuous learning

The person who desires to have a leadership personality must continuously strive to learn, improve his knowledge, his management method, and benefit from his mistakes to develop himself, and he must realize that knowledge makes him more aware of what is around him and more creative because knowledge is a power that enables a person to overcome obstacles The person should learn from the people who lead them and listen to their observations and directions and seek to take advice to make decisions from those with experience, knowledge, and skill with whom he must seek to surround himself.

Communication skill

The person who seeks success in forming a leadership personality must work to develop and develop his communication skills and communicate with others, and there are many important skills to acquire and develop; Such as the ability to listen to others, read body language, and build trust with others, and communication with others must be done in a clear, simple, and concise manner, and does not confuse the party or group that is being communicated with, and different methods of communication must be used; To build good working relationships with everyone in the organization.

Leadership personality traits

There are some characteristics that successful leaders should enjoy or the personality that you would like to be a leader should enjoy, including:

  • Self-management: Effective leaders can organize their times, interests, and emotions, and they know their strengths and weaknesses and possess self-awareness that indicates their ability to manage their feelings, which enables them to respond to people and events in an appropriate manner, in addition to the ability to maintain their discipline, And having flexibility and the ability to manage stress.
  • Organizational Capacity: Successful managers know how to use power appropriately, work within established procedures, and make decisions.
  • Team building and teamwork: Team building includes leading or participating in groups of people with distinct and different personalities and motives, and this requires understanding others, empathy for their feelings, sharing tasks, and delegating them.

Work as one team

The leadership personality is interested in all the members of the team or group, and it shows this through its understanding and sympathy with them, and treating them lovingly despite the leadership authority that he possesses, in addition to having the ability to dialogue and consult with the rest of the team members and to identify the opinions and ideas they hold, and apply them if they are appropriate.

Accuracy of observation

The successful leadership personality must have the accuracy of observation and the ability to read between the lines, and this is represented in the ability to understand and capture hidden ideas and muffled opinions without the need to formulate clearly and intelligibly by the owner, and the level of organizational awareness of the personality can be raised by focusing on listening to what It is said by group members and the behaviors they perform without having to talk too much or chatter with them.

Ability to solve problems

For the leading personality to be able to solve the problems as soon as they arise, he must have high knowledge about the group leadership policies, identify the reasons that lead the group members to act in this way, determine the appropriate time for enacting decisions, and face intractable problems and not escape from them.


Justice and fairness are among the skills that must be possessed by a successful leadership personality, and this can be achieved by ensuring that everyone is listened to and investigated the facts before passing judgments and avoiding making prejudices or issuing them without relying on confirmed and realistic evidence. Respect and trust of her group members.

Think positive and optimistic

A person must be optimistic about his future, look at tomorrow positively and dreamily, and not allow negative and frustrating thoughts to creep inside him and hinder his path or confuse him and distract his senses and focus on success and progress, and always have ambition and desire to excel and continue to work hard and seriously to reach In the end, it comes to what he wishes, but there is something that must be noted, which is that a person’s desire and determination to succeed is a matter that depends greatly on the love of his work and his conviction in what he is doing. Because happiness is based on an inner feeling of comfort, pleasure, and true contentment in performing work, which is reflected in his distinction and success in his life.

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