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Tips for strengthening self-confidence you should know !




Self-confidence is one of the most important personal characteristics that determine an individual’s life and his compatibility with himself and his community, in addition to that it means accepting the capabilities that God has granted to the individual and contentment with them, adapting to them, and the ability to face daily conditions of all kinds more effectively; Self-confidence adds to the individual a sense of pride and is proud of his skills and competencies.



Defining self-confidence

It is a kind of systematic and studied internal security that depends on the confidence of the individual in his preparations, potentials and skills, and the extent of his ability to implement his goals and his self-confidence in the possibility of achieving them, and thus achieving psychological and social harmony, and it can also be defined as the individual’s awareness of his capabilities and qualifications and confidence in the ability to face problems Effectively and constructively, in addition to balanced and harmonious responses during his exposure to various stimuli, as self-confidence expresses the satisfaction and self and societal acceptance of the individual and the awareness of others of his capabilities Competencies.


Strengthening self-confidence

Self-confidence is one of the personality traits gained from the environment surrounding the individual, there are many ways, methods, and steps that must be taken by the individual to be self-confident, and to maintain the permanence of this trust in light of all situations and circumstances, and to develop it continuously, and here are some steps that help in how Strengthening and maintaining self-confidence:

  • Preserving the individual to the integrity of the general appearance, wearing clean and elegant clothes, appropriate for every situation and situation, caring for personal hygiene, and avoiding habits that generate alienating others from the individual such as spitting on the ground while talking to others, belching loudly and other inappropriate habits, in addition to receiving People with a cheerful and happy face and a quiet voice far from leaving the character of anxiety and depression, all of which reflects the expression of the individual around him about himself, and thus gain the acceptance of people and society to him.
  • The individual must resist his fears and allow himself to practice new experiences and different talents, and expand knowledge and perceptions.
  • Self-training to engage in social relationships, participate in them, expand the circle of communication with others, and attend events and gatherings.
  • Trying to invoke optimism in all circumstances, and to be confident that no situation will last.
  • Familiarizing oneself and oneself with positive thinking and positive responses, in addition to initiating giving in all its material and moral forms, and not hesitate to offer advice and guidance in different situations.
  • Loving the self in all its details and all that it possesses, accepting the skills, abilities, and competencies that exist in the individual, and the constant pursuit of developing and training them and adding everything new to them.
  • Exercising oneself to answer all questions asked even if the answer is postponed, avoiding declaring lack of knowledge, continuous training to speak with others and participating in discussions and dialogues, defeating internal fear and tension, overcoming persistence and insisting on achieving progress in the mechanism of participation in every debate that takes place, and seeking to lead and direct the conversation.
  • Going to gain more new knowledge from the people of the news, and thus rise to their position by walking in their footsteps and benefiting from their experiences, and staying away from the mistakes they made.
  • Avoid comparing oneself with others, not waiting for praise from them, appearing in front of them with real capabilities, and not hiding deficiencies in some abilities, because everyone has high efficiency in one area, and weakness in another.
  • Avoidance of the individual’s feelings towards himself that he is an unwanted person and ostracized towards any default made by others.
  • Avoiding hasty decision-making, the importance of studying the possibilities and options available systematically, separating the negative and positive effects of a decision, and choosing the appropriate alternative or decision.
  • Try to relax intermittently during the day.


The ingredients for self-confidence

Ingredients are the features and instincts that cause a person to be self-cherished and self-confident; Where these foundations establish confidence, and thus the individual retains internal and psychological strength, and supports it as much as possible with self-stability, mental health, and proper personal building, and these ingredients were as follows:

  • Corrective elements: The individual’s physical skills are free of diseases, disabilities, birth defects and chronic injuries, in addition to the beautiful outward appearance and personal attractiveness; All of these ingredients make him of sound physical aptitude that does not hinder him from carrying out his duties and practicing his life in a normal and stable manner.
  • Mental Ingredients: Mental Ingredients are the integrity of the mental development of the individual, in addition to the lack of a low level of intelligence, the ability to employ mental capabilities to acquire new experiences, and move as far as possible away from painful and undesirable experiences, in addition to the ability to use fertile imagination in various areas such as poetry, innovation Everything that is new in different sciences, and memory is of great importance in retrieving information and using it in the mechanism of individual responses to different stimuli.
  • Emotional ingredients: These factors mean the individual’s healthy psychological development, free of mental illness, obsessive, tension, anxiety, pathological suspicion, the ability to control and control moods, and balanced evaluation of self without a sterile uplift that leads to vanity, and not insulting pushes it to submit, in addition To the ability to be free from the effects of abnormal upbringing and undesirable experiences in the stages of childhood development, and to demonstrate the individual’s Islamic good morals towards himself and his surroundings.
  • Social constituents: The family and society are the basic building block for the harmonic psychological growth of the human being. By himself bearing his responsibilities able to change.
  • Economic fundamentals: There may be a direct relationship between the material level of the individual and the increase in his income by an increase in the rate of his self-confidence. Many active personalities throughout history spanned families of modest material level.

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