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Tips For Building A Strong Personality



How to build a strong personality

Away from ignorance and stupidity

An individual becomes a person with a strong personality as a result of knowledge and enlightening study, which takes a lot of time and effort to acquire knowledge and thinking about something before speaking it leads to the acquisition of a strong personality. This is because a strong personality hates dominant personalities who make instant judgments about things, without knowing anything about them.


Avoid small talk

The individual acquires a strong personality by avoiding small talk, not wasting time in useless conversations, and possessing many ideas that can change the world.

Not dependent on others

An individual can possess a strong personality by taking responsibility and knowing what thing he wants to achieve on his own, not being dependent on others, not allowing them to control his actions, and imposing duties on him.

Impact ability

The individual possesses a strong personality through the ability to influence the ideal on the people around him, as the ideal influence is a trait of a successful leader, and the influence is through a commitment to good behaviors, and this will make others admire these behaviors and work to imitate them.

Effective communication and dialogue

A strong personality can be obtained through communication and dialogue with a group of individuals, through expression and effective interest in the surrounding people, and working on the continuity of open communication with them.

Strengthening children’s personality

Interest in the personality of children leads to the creation of a strong personality generation, and the personality of children can be developed through the following:

  • Parents develop the child’s personality, by responding to his strengths and his special needs.
  • Encouraging the child to play; Because it strengthens and develops his personality, and play is the main key to a child’s mental, emotional and physical development, as it teaches him decision-making, self-reliance, exploration, working in groups, settling conflicts, and developing his imagination.
  • Avoid giving different names to the child, such as you are shy, emotional, or other names that lead to a decline in the development of the child’s personality, and work to enhance his self-confidence.
  • Following methods that help in developing the child’s personality, such as pre-school reading.

Learn leadership skills

Leadership skills can be acquired and developed to strengthen the personality, as a strong leadership personality is not born with a person, but can be obtained through self-analysis and understanding, choosing the desired leadership skill to solve problems, determining the goal of acquiring these skills, and working to define areas that must be developed, Such as the skill of taking responsibility or finding innovative ways and ideas to do things.

Act wisely

A person can have a strong personality with knowledge and study, which takes a lot of time and effort to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge, and for this reason, everything must be thought out before speaking, to increase personal strength and control. Quick and immediate judgments on matters without prior knowledge or knowledge.

Get rid of negativity

Filling the mind with negative thoughts leads to the formation of a weak and shaky personality, and to form a strong personality, one must possess a vision far from the circumstances that the individual is going through in the present, and think about the future and the ambition that he desires to reach. Thinking about positive things makes the human mind in its best state, to be able to identify strengths Weaknesses, identify flaws, and use them as strengths rather than weaknesses.

Think rationally

This is done by following some things, which are:

  • Remember that things can be controlled: by focusing on the things that can be controlled, and making a list of things that can be done, and another list of things that cannot be done must be drawn up, to focus energy on the first list.
  • Choosing the behavior of each person: The person faces situations and circumstances that cannot be changed, so the person must control his approach to the situations no matter what happens.
  • Discovering vitality and positivity in a person’s life: it must be seen that every day is an opportunity to restructure your life and that every new day is a gift.
  • Belief and self-confidence: Not listening to people who doubt the other person, and not paying attention to them to prove that they are wrong

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