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Tips for breathing better while running



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The correct way to breathe while running

The breathing process is done correctly through many techniques that a runner must follow while running, and the following shows the most important of these techniques:


Many runners rely on their chest breathing while running, and normal chest breathing during the running process limits the athlete’s ability to take in large amounts of oxygen in the air. Therefore, it is recommended to use the diaphragmatic breathing method, which allows the runner to make a constant effort to fill his stomach with air using his diaphragm.

This type of breathing is known as deep breathing and is more effective in utilizing as much oxygen as possible. It is based on the use of the full capacity of the lungs, and the inhaled air reaches the lower part of the lungs and remains there for a longer period, which increases the amount of oxygen absorbed in the body, unlike chest breathing during which the breathed air remains in the lungs for a short period, which is reflected in the lack of the amount of oxygen that The body benefits from them, and a long exhale while jogging can lead to deep, spontaneous breathing.

Tips for breathing better while running

Breathing through the nose or mouth

Breathing through the nose or mouth is a relative issue among runners; Where some of them may prefer to inhale air through the mouth, while others may wish to use the nose to inhale the air and use the mouth to exhale, and the runner himself can decide the best method for him, and if the runner feels difficulty breathing and fatigue; It is recommended to breathe through the mouth; As this allows a greater amount of oxygen to enter the body, which gives the muscles more nutrition and energy they need, and breathing through the mouth helps reduce tension and helps relax the face and body, while breathing through the nose is recommended for use when running at a rather slow pace.

Correct posture of the body

The position of the runner’s body while running is of great importance to his breathing well; Where the body must be controlled in a way that effectively supports the person’s breathing, and this is by taking a correct position for different parts of the body; The hands should be comfortable and not tight, and the trunk and back should be slightly ahead of the hips, and other things that must be taken into account in setting the correct position of the body is the way the feet are lowered on the ground; Where it is necessary to avoid descending on the heels, as this reduces the speed of the runner and consumes his energy, and the feet must be raised appropriately and without raising them significantly to save the body’s energy, and it is recommended to bend the entire body forward while keeping the back straight.

Adjust the rhythm of breathing

It is important to follow a certain breathing pattern during running. As it allows the absorption of more oxygen and reduces the pressure on the runner’s body and the muscles of his diaphragm, in addition to balancing what is known as the impact pressure between the two sides of the body, the breathing pattern can be determined and linked to the runner’s exhalation according to the movement and steps of the right and left feet, and there are different types of breathing that It is specific to this pattern, including the 2:3 breathing pattern, where the air is inhaled for three steps taken by both feet, while the exhalation is done through two steps taken by the feet. During one step, and if a person finds difficulty in such patterns, he must pay attention to his breath to obtain a certain rhythm in the way of breathing.

How To Breathe Properly While Running

Good breathing effect while running

Breathing correctly is one of the most important things when doing jogging. Good breathing provides the runner’s body with a sufficient amount of oxygen, which reduces his feeling of fatigue, increases his efficiency and speed in running, increases his mental and mental focus, and enhances his calmness. It also provides the muscles with the energy they need. Good breathing is an indicator of the runner’s fitness level and the extent of his body’s ability to withstand the pace and intensity of running. On the other hand, not practicing breathing well has harmful effects on the runner; Such as fatigue and feeling pain in the neck or back, imbalance in the shoulders, and disproportionate rotation in the torso area, in addition to the curvature of the back during running, and to know the efficiency of the runner and his ability to breathe properly while running; A simple test while running can be done by the runner trying to have a simple conversation with himself or with one of his running mates and to complete that conversation without feeling tired or very tired.

The effect of healthy food and air temperature on breathing while running

Eating healthy food is one of the important things that a runner must follow to provide his body with the energy needed to run; It is recommended to eat foods that contain carbohydrates and low-fat proteins on the day before the competition, and a healthy diet plays a big role in the health of the runner’s respiratory system, so it is necessary to focus on eating foods that enhance the health of this device and make it work efficiently while running, and foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin E are foods that promote lung health and function more efficiently.

Various types of citrus fruits, carrots, apples, and fruit juices are considered food items that contain these vitamins, so it is necessary to focus on eating them, and attention must be paid to the need to avoid some food items that may cause allergic reactions to the runner, and it should be noted that the temperature of the weather affects the runner’s breathing. while jogging; As running in cold temperatures hinders the breathing process because the cold weather contains little moisture, and it is recommended to cover the mouth and nose with a scarf while jogging in cold weather to warm the air inhaled by the runner.

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