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The richest man in Babylon: review author advices wisdoms



The richest man in Babylon is considered one of the most enjoyable and smoothest books for all those who aspire to financial intelligence. You will never feel bored while reading this book. The secrets of their success, you will see the great walls and the lush gardens, and at the same time, you will mourn the situation of slaves and the poor, a unique book suitable for children as well as for adults by George Samuel Clason with pages of no more than 152 pages.


It happened to you that you asked yourself how do the rich get rich because they inherit money? Or were they more fortunate than you? Most of the world’s richest people are self-made, meaning that they started from scratch, working to refine their skills, learn from their failures and seize any opportunities they see, and they have also become smarter in terms of money and investment matters, the richest man in Babylon has come forward Form the serial stories of some self-taught of Babylon who created great wealth through their struggle and their knowledge of the laws of money.

One of the wonderful books that are difficult to forget because it contains lines hidden underneath many tips for developing your financial intelligence in the form of short stories, a smooth method that aims to deliver information in the simplest way possible.


« Wealth is like a tree that grows from a tiny seed, and the first coin you save is the seed from which the wealth tree grows, and every time I hastened to plant this seed, the tree quickly grew, and all you were keener on nourishing this tree and watering it with constant savings, it will give you rest under its shade soon. »

« Advice is easy for people to give, but make sure you only take advice that is worth taking. »

« Good luck comes only to those who actively work to take advantage of the opportunity presented to them. »

« A person’s wealth does not reside in the money that he carries in his purse, but rather in the income he makes. »

« When I have to do a task, I must complete it to the end. »

« At first, you learned how to live with fewer expenses than you earn, then you learned to seek advice only from qualified people through their experience to give you this advice, and eventually, you learned how to make money work for you. »

« We can bring good luck by taking advantage of opportunities and not procrastinating. »

« Our actions will not be wise except with the wisdom of our thoughts, and our thoughts will not be wise without the wisdom of our understanding of things. »

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