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The power of your subconscious mind: Review, Author, Idea



the power of your subconscious mind book

The power of your subconscious mind

is one of the most powerful books written in the field of human development, as it is one of the greatest basic references for this important field, as the book revolves around introducing the individual to his potentials inside him that he does not know, and how every person can achieve the greatest work if he Knowing the strength in his mind.

The book was written by Irish author Joseph Murphy, so come together through this article, presented by the Money Makers website, and sail together on a journey to discover the power of the subconscious and the great miracles and changes it can achieve in your life, so let’s start together. This exciting trip.


A quick overview of the book’s author

The author of the book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind is the great writer Joseph Murphy, who was born in Ireland in the year one thousand eight hundred ninety-eight, specifically in a county called “Cork” on the outskirts of Ireland. He was distinguished from a young age with excellence and then he studied after completing high school in the Institute of Religious Studies, but he did not complete His education with him and he traveled to the United States of America and he only has five dollars.

He loved writing and reading, especially in the field of personality development and self-discovery, and Murphy authored more than thirty books, most of them revolving around human development for himself, which made him a human development scientist, and Murphy died in the year one thousand nine hundred and eighty-one, and despite this, his books are still being translated Into many languages ​​and achieve the highest revenue in the world.

The book idea

The book, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, is considered the most important book in the science of human development, and it is considered the greatest book in its history, and the basic idea in the book is based on a journey that takes us into the depths of personality and the subconscious mind by discussing twenty issues related to the human mind:

  • The first issue: How to discover the treasures that exist within the human being.
  • The second issue: How is the work of the mind.
  • Issue Three: The subconscious mind can work miracles.
  • The fourth issue: the mind is able to heal the body from any disease and display this concept through the ages.
  • Fifth issue: How the mind can heal the body.
  • Issue Six: The correct way in which the mind can heal the body.
  • The seventh issue: What man loves life the most is the subconscious.
  • Issue 8: How to get everything you want.
  • Issue 9: Make a fortune by using the power of your subconscious mind.
  • Issue 10: Every person has the right to live by a rich person.
  • The eleventh issue: One of the early partners in success is the subconscious.
  • The twelfth issue: Scientists use the subconscious to make their experiments successful.
  • The thirteenth issue: Sleep oddity and the subconscious.
  • Issue fourteen: The subconscious mind solves marital problems.
  • Issue fifteenth: The role played by the inspiring mind in achieving happiness.
  • Issue sixteen: The role of the subconscious mind in achieving harmony in human relationships.
  • Issue seventeenth: How to let your subconscious mind help you with forgiveness.
  • Issue 18: The role of the unconscious in removing any mental blockages.
  • Issue 19: The subconscious is used to eliminate human fears.
  • Issue Twenty: The Sure Way to Live Youthfully to the End of Your Life.

Thus, the book deals with these twenty issues by emphasizing one meaning only, that the mind has a power that can be used and benefited from. The writer says in one of the lines of his book:

“You have to start now to cultivate thoughts of happiness, peace, contentment, and correct behavior. Think calmly and take care of yourself, and teach the conscious mind to accept these concepts and deliver them inside you, and if you do so make sure that the harvest will be in your life and body.”

The author likened man to a gardener, and the mind is the orchard, so whenever you plant something positive inside your mind, it will reflect on your whole life.

Capabilities possessed by the subconscious mind

The great writer Joseph Murphy explains to us through the book that every human being has the greatest potential that can make him rich and happy at the same time, but due to lack of self-confidence and the export of negative ideas and their entrenchment in the self, we find that we cannot exploit all these possibilities, but a book The power of your subconscious mind provides us with the most important eight surefire tips through which to fully activate the subconscious mind:

  • You, dear reader, should monitor your thoughts well, for every action has a reaction and this is a universal law, so the more positive the idea is the reaction to your entire life is positive, and the equation that Murphy focuses on at this point is that the idea is the action and the response of your subconscious is the reaction.
  • On this important point, the author proved that the subconscious mind can control and control all the vital processes that take place inside the body. Not only that, but that the subconscious mind has an answer to any question and a solution to every problem, and this has been proven by proof and evidence.
  • Before you go to sleep, you must inform your subconscious mind that you have a specific request and that you are sure that your subconscious mind will fulfill this request, and let your request be, tomorrow I want to make a miracle, and when you wake up in the morning tell yourself the beginning of the day of the miracle has begun, and at the end of the day, You will find that your subconscious mind has responded and you have done what you were unable to do in the previous days.
  • You should know, dear reader, that the feeling of frustration comes when you are unable to fulfill your desires because you have put obstacles, difficulties, and delays in order not to complete them on time, so any obstacle or problem you encounter knows that it is the creation of your hand, and you who issued your subconscious mind that you will not be able to do this thing, Therefore, you have to believe in yourself and affirm your subconscious ability to become a thing.
  • The meanings of life can flow into your life in rhythm and harmony if you say to your conscious mind that you believe that inside you is a force called the subconscious, and this force can move you from zero to the top, if you repeat that sentence while you are conscious, your subconscious mind will reward you and give you the most that you want.
  • Your subconscious mind is the one that controls the lungs and the heart, but all parts of the body, and controls them through simple things, which are: your feeling of tension, fear, or anxiety, but when you feed your subconscious mind with positive thoughts and you feel psychological peace and repeat to yourself that despite the presence of a disease you are healthy and you will become Good, and you will be surprised after a while that all of your body systems have returned to work in their system and that you enjoy unparalleled strength and health.
  • Always occupy your conscious mind with great expectations, and there is a mechanical process proven by research that says that when you expect the most beautiful in your life, your subconscious mind copies this idea into several copies and sends it mechanically to the rest of the body, so the body believes these positive thoughts, so it feels happy and gives you greater activity Ideas multiply within the mind, so you benefit from the abundance of these ideas and then achieve successes that you did not expect in your life.
  • In the end, the writer gave us the greatest rule to stimulate the subconscious, and it is a simple recipe that says that every day you should set aside a specific time in which you sit in a place that is dear to yourself, whether in your home or outside, and put on the most beautiful clothes, prepare yourself the favorite drink, and prepare for yourself the general atmosphere that you love You feel relaxed in it, and in this quiet session unleash your imagination, if you are facing a problem, imagine its happy end, and if you are going through a period of grief, imagine that you got rid of it and it became a memory, and here and if you continued to do something wrong, you will move from a human physical state to a luminous energy that will transport you to a world Last, but not fictional, but realistic, and you will find that many things have changed for the better, and this is because your subconscious mind believed you and then performed the same mechanical copying process, and then the desired result occurs.

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