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The Most Beautiful Towns in Morocco



The Most Beautiful Towns in Morocco


Is an Arab country known as the Kingdom of Morocco, and it is located in the far northwest of the continent of Africa, and it shares borders with the Mediterranean Sea on the northern side, and on the west, it is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, and is bordered by Algeria from the east, while on the southern side it shares borders with Mauritania, and is considered a city Rabat is its capital, and the system of government in it is a constitutional monarchy, and it gained its independence in 1956 A.D. Morocco contains a range of diverse terrain, distributed between the narrow plains spread over the coasts of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, and the vast lands spread over the high mountains and plateaus.


Moroccan ancient cities

More than one archaeological city is located in Morocco. A group of ancient cities spread over the Moroccan lands during the various eras whose monuments still bear witness to their existence, and many of them were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and the following is information about most of the Moroccan archaeological cities:

Best Cities to Visit in Morocco

The ancient city of Fez

The establishment of the city of Fez dates back to the end of the eighth century AD during the arrival of Lord Idris I to the Moroccan lands in the year 789 AD. The first aspects of Fez were established in the Andalusian neighborhood near the right section of the Fez Valley, and in 808 AD a new city was established during the reign of Idris II in the Kairouanese neighborhood near the section The left of the Fez Valley.

The city of Fez witnessed the construction and economic development. Because of its presence within the fertile plains of Sais, and the presence of many resources in its lands, such as stones, wood, mud, and salts, the city of Fez is distinguished by its important and strategic location, which is a commercial center between the West and the East, as for its inhabitants, they formed a mixture of a group of peoples, the most important of whom are Andalusians and Kirwanis.

The Most Beautiful cities in Morocco

The ancient city of Marrakech

Historical studies indicate that the founding of the city of Marrakesh dates back to the year 1070 AD at the hands of the Almoravids, who are tribes with Berber origins. Which contributed to being an Islamic cultural and political center, and in the year 1147 AD, Marrakesh became the capital of the Almohads. They were keen to establish many landmarks in it, such as the Koutoubia Mosque and its silo, gardens, walls, and gates, so Marrakesh developed rapidly in the era of the Almohads.

In the year 1269 AD, the Marinids took control of Marrakesh, but the city of Fez was their capital, and then the city of Marrakesh developed during the era of the Saadian rule when they took it as their capital, and during the reign of the Alawites, Marrakesh went through many stages, the most important of which is the era of the rule of Sultan Sidi Mohamed, who was keen to develop the city And to promote its return to its previous position; As a result of the important civilizational history of Marrakesh, it has become an international tourist city.

Best Places In Morocco To Visit

The historic city of Meknes

The city of Meknes is located in a privileged location at a commercial meeting point linking more than one side, and the city of Meknes was linked with the Berber tribes who lived in Morocco, and the city witnessed prosperity and development in the era of the Almoravids, and many of its landmarks appeared, such as the Najjar Mosque and the Takharin district (the Almoravid Kasbah). Almoravids to create a wall surrounding the city of Meknes.

Meknes witnessed during the Almohad era an urban development, so they were interested in expanding the Grand Mosque and providing water to the city by using a water system that provides water for watering and mosques, and a group of modern neighborhoods appeared, such as the Sidi Ahmed Ibn Khadra neighborhood, and during the Marinid era many residents of Andalusia arrived in the city and settled In it, and in the era of Alawite rule, Meknes became the capital of the state, and many buildings appeared in it, such as the Zaytuna Mosque, the Bab al-Barda’in Mosque, and the Sidi Said Mosque.

Tetouan antique city

The city of Tetouan was distinguished by its importance in the era of Islamic rule. As it was the road connecting Morocco and the Iberian Peninsula, and in 1286 AD Sultan Abu Youssef established a Kasbah inside the city of Tetouan and fortified it against external attack, and at the beginning of the fourteenth century AD the city witnessed a remarkable development, but it was attacked by the Spaniards.

In the late fifteenth century AD, Sultan Muhammad Al-Wattassi was keen to rebuild the city of Tetouan, and this contributed to the development of architecture in Tetouan at the beginning of the sixteenth century. Especially in the following neighborhoods, the Al-Rabat Al-A’la and the Al-Asfal neighborhoods, and the city continued to witness development until the eighteenth century AD.

The ancient city of Essaouira

The city of Essaouira was established during the era of Alawite rule in 1760 CE. As Sultan Sidi Muhammad bin Abdullah was keen to establish a port in the city; To use it in foreign trade operations to develop relations with the continent of Europe, the city of Essaouira includes three neighborhoods, which are the Jewish quarter known as the Mellah neighborhood, the administrative district known as the Kasbah neighborhood, and the old Medina district.

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