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The most beautiful Arabic country



The most beautiful Arabic country

Trip Advisor has published its annual list of the best tourist destinations in the world for the year 2015, and the Maghreb was the only Arab country on this list. This site is considered one of the best sites frequented by tourists on the Internet, as it provides comprehensive information for everything related to tourism in the world, which includes advice on the best tourist destinations, hotels, flights, and other information related to travel and travel. Morocco is considered one of the most beautiful Arab countries because it contains many cultures that merge. In Morocco, there is Arab culture, French culture, and African culture. In Morocco, there are many mosques designed in the ancient Islamic style.



The Kingdom of Morocco is located in the far northwest of the continent of Africa, bordered to the north by the Mediterranean Sea, overlooking it to the south by Mauritania, to the east by Algeria, and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean, with an area of about 446,550 square kilometers, and a population of 39,987,206 people, mostly from Arabs and Berbers. Morocco contains many natural resources, the most important of which are phosphates, in addition to fish and agricultural lands. Among the most important products are vegetables, fruits, olives, and grains. It also features renewable solar and pneumatic energy.

Tourism in Morocco

Tourism in Morocco is characterized by a mixture of fragrant heritage with the contemporary present, as it contains many old neighborhoods that are located in large cities, which are characterized by their markets, restaurants, and cafes, and the people of Morocco are distinguished as welcome and kind, as they do not skimp on offering Moroccan tagine dishes to visitors.

Morocco is also distinguished as the gateway to Africa and the East towards Europe, North and South America, as Morocco stretches on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea to have geography that distinguishes it from other countries and makes it one of the most beautiful tourist areas in the world.

The most important tourist destinations in Morocco


It is the capital of Morocco and the second-largest city in it. Rabat was founded in the middle of the twelfth century AD by the Almohads, as they transformed it into a cultural and cultural center. This city is located on a large plain on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, and its population is one and a half million, and it contains many tourist places, including the following:

Abi Raqraq River: It is a river that passes in the middle of the city.

Bab al-Rouah and Bab al-Udaya: the two doors that are located in the western area of the fence, where they are distinguished in architecture, motifs, and inscriptions in Kufic script.

Udaya Museum: This museum contains many art pieces such as jewelry, jewelry, porcelain, embroidery, and traditional clothing.

Ancient Archeology Museum: This museum is located in the modern city, and contains many pieces that have existed since the Islamic era, as well as since the prehistoric era.

Mohamed V Theater: It is the largest theater in Morocco.


It is the largest city in Morocco, also known as Casablanca, and has a population of eight million. This city is characterized by its mild climate, where the annual temperature reaches approximately 18 ° C. Humidity and wind are affected by the nearby water bodies, which helps to moderate the weather in the winter and to soften the air in the summer, which is one of the most beautiful cities overlooking the Moroccan coast, and the economic capital For Morocco, as it contains the most important port on the continent of Africa, and its airport is the largest in the country, and there are many beautiful tourist places in Casablanca, including the following:

Mohammed V Square: This square is characterized by its Andalusian character, and there is a large fountain around which many people gather around the evening.

Hassan II Mosque: This mosque is located in the third place among the largest mosques in the world.

Art Deco District: This neighborhood is located in the eastern region of the old city, and includes both the Arab League park and the administrative region.

The new Marina Port: It is a port with a luster and a modern touch, unlike the old port.

Corniche Street: It is a street with a quadrilateral shape, giving visitors a unique experience in wandering, as many people frequent it, especially in the early morning period.

Ain Diab Beach: It is the beach located on the southern side of Corniche Street, and it is for people who love swimming.


It is the third largest city in Morocco, and is a haven for tourists in the summer, as its doors and colorful markets open to tourists, as it is a cultural center in Morocco, due to the presence of many movement centers in it, and there are a number of tourist places in Marrakech, including the following:

Wadi Aseel River: This river contains an archway linking the river with the lush green Majorelle garden.

Museum of Islamic Art: Visitors come to visit this museum in order to see the sights of Moroccan civilization.


This city is located on the crossroads of trade and civilization, located between the continent of Europe and Africa, as it is the meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the most important Moroccan cities in particular and African in general. It is an economically rich city, as it contains many banks and economic companies, which made it one of the important cultural centers in the continent of Africa as a whole, as it contains many theaters, museums, and art halls, and Tangier contains many tourist places, including:

The Kasbah: The Kasbah is located at the highest point of the city of Tangier, which enables tourists to see Spain from a distance, and encourages them to take pictures, and it is one of the rarest points in the world, where a person can see two countries at the same time.

The Grand Souk: This market is located in the northern region of the city, and contains the true spirit of the city of Tangier, which is the place that King Mohammed V declared Moroccan independence in 1947.

Mosques: Tangier contains many central mosques, including the Kasbah Mosque, the New Mosque, and the Grand Mosque.

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