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The Miracle of the Morning, a book by the American author and writer Hal Elrod, which has achieved great success in the world of human development books, in which it provides 6 principles or activities that you can do to develop and improve your life for the better.


The writer suggests that readers awaken from sleep an hour before their usual wake-up time, in order to win this amazing morning hour. One hour every morning, according to Elrod Hull, can change our lives for the better and better.

Hal Elrod explains that if we have a dream or ambition or something that we want to achieve or practice several times, we have to devote a small moment to it every day, so morning is the best moment to do so, so if we want to be happier and succeed in In our lives, we are required to improve our level of self-development, and the best time to do so is every morning.

Why morning? Because it allows the day to start in a stimulating and active way because our neurons are more ready to learn in the morning than they are the rest of the day (this is scientifically proven, even among those who think they are not ready to do the task in the morning) because with breakfast we often have something. Another we do, but in the evening we have the same thing and we are very tired.

The morning miracle, as everyone knows, is based on a very simple principle that we have known for a long time, which is that the future belongs to the person who wakes up early! If there are some activities you want to do, estimate how much time you want to spend on it, then set an alarm early every morning for you to wake up. (And that’s without doing anything else, and you should never turn on TV, social media, or watch your mails!) You will see that it will benefit you a lot!

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