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Bahamas Islands: Everything About This Beach Paradise



Bahamas Islands


The Bahamas is located in the Caribbean continent. It is considered one of the islands with independent borders and is not bordered by any state. Its total area is 13,880 km. The population of the Bahamas is 182,182 according to the 2012 census. It gained its independence in 1973 after it obtained its sovereignty from the United kingdom.

Geography of the Bahamas

The Bahamas contains about 700 islands that differ in their environments, but most of them contain coral reefs in addition to wonderful sand, including small islands, atolls, and low islands. These islands arose due to the disintegration of coral reefs and various seashells. The highest point in the Bahamas was recorded on the island Cat, which has a height of 63 m above sea level and is characterized by its immersion in limestone, the Bahamas also has many freshwater lakes and small areas, and has only one small river located on Anders Island.

Magical Islands of the Bahamas

Sightseeing in the Bahamas

The Bahamas is famous for its clear waters and fresh beaches, and its colonial architectural style that blends with modern culture, which attracts tourists in addition to many different museums such as the Museum of Nippers and multiple art galleries. For defensive purposes to protect the island at the beginning of its inception, it also contains wonderful markets that reflect the authentic culture of these islands.

The climate of the Bahamas

The climate of the Bahamas is considered a temperate climate throughout the year, with average temperatures ranging between 21 degrees during the winter and 27 degrees during the summer.

Inhabitants of the Bahamas

Its population, according to 2016 statistics, was approximately 393,000. The population of the Bahamas consists of:

  • Afro-Bahamians of African descent, who reached it through the Bermuda Route with the Lutheran adventurers, make up 85% of the population.
  • The Europeans of European descent who arrived in 1649 AD and 1783 AD, make up 12% of the total population.
  • Minorities of the Greeks who arrived at the beginning of the twentieth century AD and constitute 1% of the total population, and minorities of white Puerto Ricans, Cubans, and Dominicans.

the Bahamas Islands

Important Bahamas

  • New Providence Island: It includes many old buildings in pink color, such as the neighboring library tower, Al Badiah Square, the governor’s residence, and a garden of palm trees.
  • Grand Bahama: It is one of the important tourist islands in the Bahamas, as it contains a large number of shops, golf courses, and Lucian National Park, which includes a large group of roses distinguished by their beautiful scents.
  • Bimini Island: It is an important fishing island.
  • Eleuthera Island: In 1648 AD, it was the first settlement of Protestant settlers.
  • Andros Island: occupies the first place in terms of the largest islands in the Bahamas, consists of three adjacent islands, and is characterized by mangroves, wide blue coral reefs, thorny mudlands, diverse areas, and shallow waters, and pine forests.
  • Cat Island: It is considered one of the most attractive islands in the Bahamas, as it is characterized by its small population, tranquility, various medicinal plants, and small wooden houses.
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