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The importance of using time



The importance of using time

Boost self-confidence

Time management enhances the individual’s morale and makes him more self-confident, as people who can organize and manage their time can complete the tasks assigned to them on time, which makes them the focus of everyone’s attention and more distinct from other people in their lives, both personally and professionally.


Increased accuracy and discipline

Time management contributes to making a person more accurate and disciplined in his life in general and in his work in particular, as the individual must develop a daily plan and apply it wisely, in which he clarifies the tasks involved, and their priorities, and the time required to complete each of them, which helps him to imagine the course of his day and how Performing these tasks, and thus he can increase his production.

Increase job opportunities

Time management and administration help increase an individual’s self-confidence and admiration for the employer; Given that he accomplishes the tasks required of him with high accuracy and delivers them on time, which raises his level at the practical level and develops his professional skills and thus increases the job opportunities available to him to choose the best of them.

Improving personal relationships

Time management provides a person with a way to have free time that enables him to accompany family or friends and spend fun times with them, which means increasing friendliness and improving personal relationships between them, as this is reflected in all aspects of life, as there is time to think well and make better decisions.

The ability to make better decisions

Time management and good management is a way to get rid of the pressure resulting from lack of time to make a decision, and thus the person reaches a level of calm that enables him to think properly before making any decision in his life, and thus the chance of problems resulting from bad decisions decreases.

Other time use benefits

The importance of using time is represented by many other benefits, the most important of which are the following:

  • Achieving the desired goals faster, given the role of using time in giving a person an incentive to work hard and actively and strive to achieve his goals without toil or laziness.
  • Feeling of calm and reassurance as a result of avoiding exposure to stressful and disturbing situations, such as: forgetting tasks that were supposed to be performed, or missing dates that were related to them.
  • Increasing productivity with less effort by improving a person’s ability to concentrate, making them faster in performing tasks.

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