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The importance of reading books



The importance of reading

Reading is one of the most important means of knowledge since the emergence of mankind, as reading books is a means of transferring basic knowledge, through which all people can write down their ideas and theories and consequently transmit it to those who want to learn this idea and see it. Hence, every person should read almost daily, because this will broaden his perceptions and increase his general culture, so that it becomes more beneficial to his community in which he lives, and by reading a person gets to know everything that is going on around him from matters and phenomena and what is circulating from ideas, and increases Deep as it departs from superficiality in the perception of things, and from here the reading is an essential thing for a person that can not be dispensed with by any other educational means on the importance of other means.


How to encourage children to read

A person must be loved by reading from childhood, that is, from his childhood, so that he can grow up and he is a good reader. So they don’t quit reading even when they get older.

To this, a person must be convinced from within himself that reading is his way to understanding, depth, excellence, and knowledge, and this conviction is among the things that a person loves to read, so when he sees himself he has learned something new that he did not know before, this is one of the things that will make him related to reading Can’t leave the book.

Relationship of culture with reading

Reading is what gives a person a value and whoever thinks that when he gets a bachelor’s degree will be educated, then he is definitely wrong, because culture is by reading and not by university study, so the university’s job is to focus human efforts on a specific discipline, whether scientifically or literally, and its job is not to make a person educated, Public culture is important for a person to know all the details, and ignorance is one of the most important reasons that work to dwarf and limit the human being, and to make him unable to fulfill the full goal that God Almighty created for it, just as reading should be in all areas and not confined to one field, for reading gives A field for comparing different ideas, ideologies and theories, and choosing what suits the mind in terms of logic, persuasion and clear argument, for a person must take a position on the things and events that take place around him, he is not a separate being but rather he lives within a group in an environment based on participation and coexistence.

Increase vocabulary

Reading books contributes to enhancing and enriching the person’s new vocabulary list, as well as developing vocabulary mastery by repeating the reader to her over time, which helps in using and employing it in daily life, in addition to that it helps to develop his speaking skills more, which is reflected in a positive way Confident in himself, as it is considered beneficial to him in his career; Whereas, a good reader and proficient speaker who has extensive knowledge of various types of knowledge have the opportunity to obtain a greater job promotion and in a faster time, compared to people who do not have a sufficient number of important vocabulary and terms, and who have low knowledge in many important areas; Like literature, science, and world events.

Reading books plays a prominent role in learning new languages. When non-native speakers read different books in languages other than their mother tongue, this increases their memorization of new vocabulary, which significantly improves their fluency in speaking and writing skills.

Benefit from the experiences of others

When a person reads a writer, he actually acquires knowledge and experience from this writer’s experiences and accelerates his success in achieving a goal, so he will not need to repeat the same mistakes that the writer made during his life as long as he can see the methods that the writer followed in achieving the success that He reached it, and there are more than 12 million millionaires and 4 billion billionaires in the world today, and all they have to do to become one of them is to learn and learn about what they did in their past until they reached what they are today; Reading is a great way to get to know them and learn from great people like them.

The importance of reading books for children

Reading helps to enhance many skills in children, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • Children have early reading and writing skills, which helps them to master these skills easily in the future.
  • They unleash the imagination of children, reinforce their curiosity, and enhance their ability to think and differentiate between truth and assumptions.
  • The pictures and graphics in children’s books and stories strengthen their description skill, as they enable them to talk about it and describe it, which helps in a proper understanding of all types of language.
  • Books are among the methods that can be used to explore children’s emotions and feelings, and to understand new events and situations, including going to the doctor or hospital.

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