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Best Places to Visit in Asia 2021



20 Best Places to Visit in Southeast Asia

East Asian countries

The countries of East Asia extend from the state of India in the west to the state of China in the north, so this region, which includes some countries, is called Indochina and began to rule in the region since 200 BC, and these two countries have a great influence on the culture and civilization spread among other countries. In East Asia, but the effect began to diminish at the beginning of the Middle Ages when Islam entered the countries of East Asia and spread in them, and the largest percentage of the spread of Islam among the population in East Asian countries, specifically in 1400, was in the city of Malaysia, which was known in ancient times as the city of Malacca, as Islam spread in a number of The regions bordering East Asia, including the Malay Archipelago, and in what follows is a mention of the best East Asian countries suitable for tourism, and in it, there is also talk about the general climate of East Asia and the number of its inhabitants.

10 Best Countries to Visit in Asia

The best East Asian countries for tourism

The results of the electronic tourism source studies showed that Hong Kong ranked first as the best countries in the whole of Asia, in addition to the best country in East Asia in terms of tourism, followed by Thailand, then Cambodia to the bottom of the list, and from the best East Asian countries in tourism. Follows:

  • China: it is called the People’s Republic of China, and it is distinguished by its very large population in the world, as its population constitutes approximately 18% of the proportion of the world’s population, and according to population statistics, the population of China for the year 2019 was approximately 1,418,934,815 billion Because of the increasing number of births, and thus the increasing population density.
  • Japan: Japan is an island located in the Pacific Ocean near a group of seas are; The East China Sea, the Sea of Okhotsk, and the Philippine Sea. The island of Japan includes approximately 682 islands, and the largest islands in Japan are called the Mother Islands because they contain most of the population of Japan, such as; Hokkaido, Kyushu, Honshu, and Shikoku, Japan is characterized by its high population, almost like China, with a population of 126,928,822 people, and despite this, it forms a small part of the world population.
  • Macau: The State of Macau is located off the Chinese coast, as the Pearl River separates it from China, like the state of Hong Kong, and it is called the Macau Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, and there is a population density due to the small total area with a high population relative to it, as the population is estimated at 639,908 people.
  • North Korea: North Korea is called the Democratic Republic of Korea, and it is a communist country, with an area of approximately 188,5517 square kilometers. It is also competing with South Korea with constant development, demographic aspects, wealth, and others. Population statistics were conducted in 2008 but appeared In 2010, for Western media only; Because of the deterioration and poor demographic situation of the country.
  • South Korea: South Korea is bordered on the north by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, on the east by the Sea of Japan, on the south by the China Sea, and on the west by the Yellow Sea, which is part of the Korean Peninsula as it constitutes 45% of its area, and the capital of South Korea is a city Seoul or called Seoul, and it includes two volcanic islands, namely; Cheju and Ulleung, as there is a group of rocky islands in it called the Blancourt Rocks, the Tok Islands, and the Teck Islands.
  • Mongolia: The state of Mongolia is almost oval in shape, its capital, Watan Bator, located in the north-central region of the country. Mongolia has an area of approximately 2,392 km from west to east, and from north to south, its length is approximately 1,259 km, and its area is estimated by the total land area of European countries. Western and Central.
  • Taiwan: The State of Taiwan is located to the east of the People’s Republic of China and the northern Philippines, bordered on the northeast by the State of Japan, on the northern side by the East China Sea, on the eastern side by the Philippine Sea, and the south by the Luzon Strait, and it is an island because water surrounds it from all directions The height of the highest mountain in Taiwan is about 385.88 meters, and it is the fourth-highest island in the world.
  • Hong Kong: Hong Kong is distinguished by its Chinese culture, its wonderful cultural monuments, and its markets, and the country is famous for its street events; Like lion and dragon dances, carnivals, and fireworks, as the country’s night sky is more like light, and transportation is available to it from all other major cities, which facilitates tourism in it, as there are land, sea, and air transportation available, and it is recommended to visit Hong Kong between October and December because of its climate. Moderate.

Best Places To Visit In Southeast Asia In 2021

Tourist places in East Asia

Among the most important tourist places in East Asia are the following:

  • The Great Wall of China: The Great Wall is located in the People’s Republic of China, and it is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and was included by the UNESCO World Heritage List for the year 1987 AD.
  • Taroko National Park: The park is located in Taiwan on the highest point on the East Coast in particular, with an area of approximately 1,200 square kilometers, and is characterized by having a nature almost similar to that of Taiwan.
  • Statues of Kim Jong II: statues are located in North Korea and are considered sacred statues there. They are monuments to Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il made of bronze material.

Climate in East Asian countries

The climate in East Asian countries varies according to their location and surroundings, so the climate of cities at high latitudes is very cold, in addition to being dry. The northern borders of the Republic of Mongolia and the northern borders of China meet the borders of Russia, in which the summer is cold with different degrees of cold from one month to the next, and in the winter season the climate is very freezing, and the highlands and mountainous areas in East Asia, which are found in abundance in the west of China, the weather is different According to its proximity or distance from latitudes, but in most areas near the north have a cold climate, as for the western regions, the climate in them is not likely, and this is the main reason for the low population numbers in the region, and cities that are located in the middle of the latitudes, are distinguished With a suitable and comfortable climate for the residents; As it is moderate most of the time, with plenty of rain.

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