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7 Benefits of Traveling: Why You Should Travel More



7 Wonderful Benefits of Traveling

Develop a passion for learning

Travel enhances a person’s ability to learn; Where a study conducted by the Institute of International Education for students on graduates studying abroad showed that the educational experience of nearly 90% of students who studied outside their country was affected by their experiences abroad, and that more than 80% of these students had pledged to complete their studies, and that more than 52 % Of them have already completed their graduate studies.


The Benefits of Traveling

Meet new people

Traveling gives a person the opportunity to meet new people from different places in the world; Where it is possible to meet there with many friendly people on the road, and travel provides the traveler with an opportunity to share experiences, take advice from others regarding places that can be visited, learn about other cultures, and talk with other travelers provides an opportunity to expand relationships.

Home country estimate

The traveler’s awareness and appreciation of the luxury life that he enjoys in his home country increases when traveling abroad, especially when he travels to one of the villages or countries that lack some basic services such as electricity service, or the provision of clean drinking water, as is the case in some countries such as Ethiopia and India, as well. He has an increased sense of help to support people who live in such areas.

Realizing people’s equal needs

Tony Robbins says that all human beings, regardless of their background, share six needs, and the more a person travels, he notices this, and travel can increase a person’s skill to communicate with people and establish relationships with them regardless of their background, and Mark Twain also says: On fanaticism, prejudice, narrow-mindedness, and thinking.

What are the benefits of traveling

Learn about new languages

Travel allows the traveler to learn and learn new languages, which could be the reason for his success in this world that has become multilingual, and success is not limited to learning English only; It may require learning many other languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and others.

Learn to negotiate

The traveler can negotiate and communicate with people; Because of the different way people think about life in other cultures, one study conducted on MBA students at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management showed that students who studied in a country other than their home country showed greater ability to innovate and reach An agreement that satisfies both parties when they exercise the role of seller and buyer at the fuel station in a mock negotiation dialogue.

Relieve life pressure

Travel eliminates tension and anxiety and relieves them; As the traveler gets rid of the responsibilities and pressures of daily life, a study conducted by the Harris Interactive Center of the American Psychological Association showed that 44% of people examined work messages while on vacation outside the country; Where vacationing abroad usually leads to interruption from work, due to the difficulty of communicating with him from the outside, which leads to the elimination of tension and anxiety.

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