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the art of not giving a f*ck: Review (part 1)



the art of not giving a f*ck: Review (part 1)

Do not try to

In this chapter of the book The Art of Indifference, the author tells about the hero of a story who fights for what he wants, never gives up, and then finally fulfills his most insane dreams, except that after he passed away, he wrote on his grave “Do not try.”


It was a strange thing for him to write like this on his grave, especially after his overwhelming success which he achieved after years of failure, but the hero did not give up the throne of his failure, and that he saw his success not as a victory, but rather he is a failed person and he accepts this truth despite everything and feels By being comfortable with himself, in the end, he did not become famous by becoming a better person but rather succeeded because of the severity of his failure.

This is what was expressed by the writer of the book The Art of Indifference Mark Manson: “Success and self-development often go hand in hand, but this does not necessarily mean that it is one thing.” And here he indicated with the categorical matter and power of expression that all the dreams that we dream and the advice we provide are always based on what we lack. , Such as learning the best ways to earn money and this is because you are convinced of your salary, and your standing in front of the mirror and the permanent refining of the phrase “I am a beautiful person,” because in your conviction it is not.

“You try stupid, stupid exercises that you envision yourself as a more successful person because you don’t see yourself successful enough.”

Then the writer advises that we should stop bad thinking, we must accept our bad feeling for everything, as if someone has sprinkled the magical powder of indifference on us, we must stop the “infernal cycle that repeats itself”, to stop ourselves from feeling this bad.

“You will never be happy if you reach what happiness consists of, and you will never live your life if you are searching for the meaning of life.”

More simply, don’t try.

Happiness is a problem

The art of indifference talks in this chapter about the story of the son of the king, who raises dear and honorable, has no flaws and does not lack any of the pleasures of life, and who does not know the taste of suffering a day, but when he grows up and decides to see what is behind the wall of his palace that his father built to separate him from the world The other, seeing a people full of poverty, disease, and sorrow, a people who had not tasted their bliss, to be shocked at the horror of what he saw, and put the truth on his father, and deduce the absurdity of his life, and at that time he decided to flee by stealth to live that life and discover its essence through it, then he becomes homeless and tastes all kinds of torture From disease, hunger and cold, but in the end, it does not reach its goal, and pain did not teach him what he wanted but remained homeless and poor roaming the country.

In the end, he concluded, “Life itself is a kind of suffering that the wealthy suffer from because of their wealth. The poor suffer from it because of their poverty, those who do not have a family suffer from it because they do not have a family, and those who have a family suffer from it because they have a family. They are all equal. Certainly, there is suffering more pain than another suffering, but despite that for all of us suffering ”.

We are structured like this, compounded in such a way that we are not satisfied no matter what we achieve, but the permanent absence of satisfaction is what made our human race resist and succeed in survival, for our pain is not a defect, but rather an evolution of the human race and one of its inherent features, for pain is what teaches us the things that we should pay attention to. When we are young or stray, it helps us see what is good for us and what is the opposite, helps us to understand our limits and not to cross them, in the end, happiness comes from solving problems, and we get rid of a problem with the emergence of another new problem, you will not feel happy without any reason, the solution to the problem is What creates happiness.

I am not a special person

The art of indifference here also includes a new story, for an energetic person who sees life in front of him, is positive and appreciates himself to the greatest extent, that he is an important person in his view and all people need him, and in his gift, there is a list of important and famous people around the world who have dealt with him and asked for his advice, so he does not stop talking about The same, except that he is not that much, but much less than that, he is still a clinging to his parents, sucking their money for fun, parties, and living, and his uncles and aunts have not been spared of his financial requirements, he persuades business owners to share with them and urges them to allow him to deliver a speech in front of the audience without knowing what to say, and when you criticize him, he describes you as the stupid ignorant who is jealous of him and his successes.

This is what they call high self-esteem, that one has positive thoughts and feelings about himself, and research has indicated that people who rate themselves highly are better performers and cause fewer problems in society, so self-esteem became in the seventies a topic that parents address and stress on Therapists and teachers, then becoming part of educational policy as well.

But come and discuss the matter on the ground the matter for the protagonist is more bad than good, not only self-esteem is sufficient, he had to sacrifice the aspect of self-esteem, and this is the problem facing many, unfortunately.

In any case, the title of this paragraph is not only intended for narcissists, but also for those who see the world from above while they are at the bottom of the world, who believe that people should also treat them with special treatment for their misery, misfortune, and failure, so this form should review this book, it will be a cure He healed his beliefs.

The value of suffering

The Japanese lieutenant, who was told by the Emperor during America’s war on Japan that he should fight for the last soul and not surrender, made him not believe anything related to the end of the war and to get out of the jungles of Pauling to return to their country, where he remained for thirty years after that, hiding in the jungles, causing terror to the owners of the place, and killing two of his friends for nothing, except for living on insects and rodents, sleeping on dirt, and endless suffering, and in return for that young man who lives his life with a free spirit, wasting his time and exposing himself to danger to reach something impossible to reach, which is a myth, and here he will deal with the artbook Indifference is the life of those two who lost their lives to things that were not beneficial and harmful at the same time, only to regret them later.

While the lieutenant is considered an icon of loyalty to one part of the Japanese people, he was an icon of stupidity for the other section, and this teaches you something very important, the scale you use to measure your success or failure is not what everyone uses, everyone has his scale, so do not think too much about others. Because when you search for their satisfaction with this, you are searching for the impossible.

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