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The 7 habits of highly effective people: review author habits



This book is considered “The Seven Habits of Most Effective People”, because of what the author presented in it, “Steven R. Covey”, of integrated, clear and clear solutions to solving personal and professional problems.


As it contains the stark truth about human nature that you can only find in fictional novels, it abounds with the practical wisdom of those people who are looking to take the reins of their lives, their work and their professional future in their hands, and every time you re-read this book you discover a new insightful vision which has proven what It implies deep and firm invitations.

the 7 habits of highly effective people author

The author, with insight and his outstanding anecdotes, uncovered step by step the path leading to a life full of beauty, integrity, honesty and human dignity … principles that give us security in adapting to change, along with wisdom and the ability to benefit from the opportunities offered by change.

The gracefulness of style, a deep understanding of the depths of human concerns, and the extent to which we need it in our organizational and personal matters, make this wonderful book worthy of changing the course of your life.

the 7 habits of highly effective people habits


« Most people cannot listen deeply, and cannot hold their agenda long enough to understand what is being said before trying to express their thoughts. »

« Chasing the poisonous snake that bites us will only result in the poisoning of all parts of our bodies, and it is much better to take immediate measures to extract the poison away from us. »

« Learn to say I do not know, because if you say I do not know, they teach you until you know, and if you say I know, they will ask you so that you do not know. »

« No one can persuade another person to change, because each of us guards the gate of change that opens from within only, and we cannot open anyone else’s gate, neither through discussions nor sympathy. »

« You have to share what you learned with those you love, and the most important thing is to start applying what you learned, when you learn and not apply what you learned; You did not learn anything, then to know and not apply, this is ignorance. »

« It is simply impossible to violate, ignore or shorten the process of evolution. It is unnatural, and trying to pursue these short cuts will only result in disappointment and frustration. »

« Acknowledging a mistake without correcting it and learning from it, is itself a mistake of another kind. »

« A successful person does the things that losers don’t like to do. »

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