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Steps to Achieve Your Dreams



Steps to Achieve Your Dream

Success and change

Many people strive for success and change in their lives; The majority of them set great goals and beautiful pictures of the future that awaits them, but very few of them are the ones who achieve the goals and dreams they desire, and perhaps the reason for this is due to the obstacles they find in their lives, and to their lack of knowledge of the foundations, principles, and important rules upon which they are built Dreams come true.


How dreams come true

Belief in a dream

Belief in a dream is one of the necessary things to obtain the motive for the realization of the dream because a person cannot deceive himself and convince himself of a dream that he does not want, and he knows in his depths whether he believes in his dream or not, and he knows how important it is to follow up to achieve the dream.

Anticipate a tough road

The process of realizing the dream is not impossible, and it is not easy either, so one should not expect an easy way when going through the stage of realizing the dream, but rather expect difficulties and troubles so that the journey is easier, and avoids surprises when facing obstacles or mistakes.

Perception of life

Study important personal data to achieve the impossible dream, understand the place where the person is, then define a vision about the place he wants to be in, and ask questions about himself related to routine life, achievements, property, place of living, work, number of work hours, and marital status Then, determine the things to be changed or developed and work on that.

Reach Your Goals

Fight fear with faith

Some people feel fear of the dangers of pursuing the realization of the dream, for this, it is necessary to believe in God Almighty, and to realize the fact that God gives all the means of strength that any person needs, and to rely on him for help and courage regardless of the beliefs and ideas of others, and it is recommended to seek advice from people. Those who are trustworthy, get close to them, abandon the lifestyles that limit the realization of the dream, neglect small bad ideas, and engage in the big dream.

getting ready

Evaluate the possibilities to reach the goal, look at the preparations that achieve it, and honestly answer the extent of its realism or unreality, because the realism of the goal and its applicability are among the important steps necessary to achieve it, and in general it is recommended to rely on a series of short-term goals until a long-term goal is achieved, The preparation process may require breaking the big goal into smaller pieces and rewarding yourself along the way until the chance of success increases.

Continuous work

A person should work hard and continuously if he wants to achieve his dreams, and a successful person usually works continuously without stopping and boredom. Because small tasks and current actions, if completed in the short term, will turn into long-term accomplishments over time.

Make good use of the time

Making good use of time is important if dreams are to be fulfilled. That is why it is imperative to divide the time well, appropriately, and smartly, and try to take advantage of short periods, by setting priorities and focusing on the most important tasks, not being occupied with unnecessary tasks, and reducing the preoccupation with e-mail messages, in addition to the importance of reducing stress, Stress and excessive stress in life; To reduce distraction, focus on making dreams come true.


It is always advisable for a person to adhere to a dream and a clear goal; The more clear the goal, the more clear how to achieve it, and thus the chance of success will increase, if one does not know what exactly is intended to be achieved, the person will not be able to develop a clear plan to start achieving goals and dreams. That is why it should always be realized that clarity of the dream allows a person to formulate clear plans and strategies. This increases the likelihood of its realization and success, in addition to the importance of understanding and understanding how important this dream is for a person.

Maintain motivation

It is important in the journey to achieve a dream to remember the motives and reasons for which the person works and which motivate him to work hard and uninterrupted diligence, and for that, these motives can be written and read constantly, and to develop relationships with people who give their friends encouragement and support to achieve their dream.

The keys to success

Ibrahim Al-Feki explained that one of the most important keys to success that a person must behave with is patience. Lack of patience is one of the causes of failure that afflicts many, as reaching success often involves many obstacles and many challenges, and if a person does not have patience, he will not be able to overcome these difficulties, and he may be forced to give up the goals that he wished to achieve for years.

  • “Patience is the best treatment for any problem,” Plantos says.
  • Thomas Edison says: “Many of the failures in life were of people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

Objective achievement factors

There is a set of factors that, if combined, help the individual to achieve his goal, including the following:

  • Desire: the individual must have the desire for the work he is doing, otherwise he will not be able to reach his goal.
  • The plan: It is a necessary thing to accomplish human works, so making plans helps him to accomplish the work in less time and less effort.
  • Application: If a person creates a plan for the work that he will perform, he must adhere to this plan and implement it, and follow the steps that came in it, then this takes away the element of boredom at work from the individual.
  • Determination: Determination is like a flame of light in the darkness, for it is what illuminates a person’s path, and it is the strength that helps him endure whatever obstacles and difficulties he finds.
  • Achievement: Success is considered the primary determinant in the individual’s success and progress, and upon it, aspirations are built, so the individual should not look at the number of hours he works, but rather at the amount of work accomplished.

How To Reach Your Dreams

Helpful ideas in achieving goals

There are some positive thoughts that, if a person follows them, he will be able to achieve his goals easily and smoothly, such as:

  • Setting priorities in life: a person has to determine what is the urgent task that requires the person to complete it immediately and returns many gains and benefits, and therefore a person needed to define the tasks that lead him to his goal, start with them and present them to others, and the tasks that are of no use Some of them in achieving success are either postponed or rejected.
  • Mental Imagination: Mental imagination consists of drawing a mental picture of the individual after achieving the goals he aspires to, and this is through the intensity of the individual’s imagination and the depth of focus.
  • Entry of the individual into a specific commitment: for example, if the person writes down the goals that he seeks to achieve, and distributes to each of his close friends, children, the wife, and everyone who trusts them a copy of these goals, this process has many positive aspects that appear through everyone’s support for him and extending a hand. Aid and assistance to achieve the goals that he set, wrote, and distributed.
  • Starting the path to success when ready: a person should not take all the time to develop a plan for his goals, leaving the achievement of the goal, and remain busy with preparing the plan, as it is the perfection of good and successful planning to appropriately divide the time between planning and implementation.
  • Maintaining the element of flexibility: Everything that surrounds the human being is constantly changing, and therefore if a person wants to develop a plan to reach the required goals, it is necessary to renew certain items in the plan to keep pace with the change taking place, so there is nothing wrong with developing alternative strategies for the plan in case the person encounters difficulties in The march of success.

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