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What is Remote Work? A Complete Introduction



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Distance working

After working from outside the office of your company seemed impossible for decades, you can now work remotely easily and without any complications, as the term remote work has become widespread in the world, not only that, but it has become the prevailing trend now in all parts The world, and it is no longer strange or impossible as it was before, thanks to technology that made work a completely different concept from the concept of work to which we are accustomed; Remote work allows you to work outside your traditional office environment, as the principle and concept of remote work depends on you not needing a specific place to perform your work and you can successfully implement it wherever you are, instead of going to your office located inside your company that you work in every day, you can Executing your work to the fullest from anywhere you want, inevitably this will lead to you feeling great flexibility in your work, and you will get a unique opportunity to plan your day as you like, and you will be able to practice your professional and personal life as you want without specific restrictions and without working hours that govern your time.

How do you work a remote

Features of remote work

Have you had a suitable opportunity to experience remote work or are you still waiting for that opportunity? If your answer is no, start immediately to find a job that allows you to try it, so that you do not lose the advantages of working remotely, and these advantages are:

  • Never worry about your desk, you only need a simple chair to sit on and get all the work done.
  • You can work from anywhere you want, not only from home, for example, you can work while you go to the park for a walk, while you listen to your favorite song, or while you are eating your favorite meal.
  • You will save money significantly, you do not have to go to work every day and pay a fare for transportation, or fill your car with the fuel you need to go, add to that save food costs; You will be able to easily prepare your lunch and prepare your coffee without buying it.
  • You will have very flexible time while working remotely, which enables you to devise any schedule that works for you.
  • Working remotely allows you to know more information and become more independent because there are no employees around you to ask them what you want, which leads you to search for what you want on your own without resorting to anyone, this will lead to the development of your research skills, and you get answers to all the topics you need without help Sun, which makes you feel more independent than before; You can find everything you need on your own.
  • You will get rid of boring and long meetings; You will limit your meeting to video calls only, which are typically no more than 15 minutes in length.
  • Telecommuting helps you work more focused as no co-workers are confusing and talking to you all the time.

The negatives of working remotely

Even as remote work is gaining more and more popularity, some complaint about some negatives that make you unwilling to work through it, and some of the negatives of working remotely that may scare you and make you hesitate to accept any work of this kind:

  • There are no set hours you need to adhere to, which means you need to be prepared at all times.
  • Cooperation between you and your colleagues at work remotely may be almost non-existent.
  • You may feel lonely and bored, as they are two of the biggest drawbacks of working remotely.
  • You do not have the drive to complete your work, there is a high chance that you will become less motivated when working remotely since there is no strict schedule to stick to.
  • Usually, the salary is lower while you work remotely, as most companies pay remote employees a lower salary than their colleagues who work within the company.

What is the meaning of remote working

Methods of communication while working remotely

The advanced technology world provides a lot of communication programs that enable you to communicate with your company or fellow employees in the company remotely with audio and video together, and some important applications that enable you to communicate with your team members, and with your fellow employees easily, are:

  • Zoom app: If you have meetings with a large team of remote workers, Zoom is the best app ever. It is a video chat app in which you can engage dozens of participants while using it.
  • Google Hangouts App: It is also a useful app for your remote work; It is free, and with it, you can participate in large meetings of up to 500 participants, which is one of its most important features.
  • Skype for Business: One of the best Microsoft communication programs that enables you to work remotely, but it is not a free application. Its monthly cost is about $ 12.50 per user, and it’s never expensive.

With this pandemic that has swept the whole world, the Corona pandemic, remote work has become the normal situation for most men, most likely things will return to what they were before after this crisis has passed, and employees will return to their offices, but you do not have to if you are one of the people who enjoyed By working from home, and among the most important work that you can work with remotely, whether during the time of the Corona or after the passage of the crisis and the return of life to normal:

  • Software developer: You can easily work remotely if you are a software developer profession, as you can do your job to the fullest and almost anywhere, as long as you have access to your company’s computers.
  • Work within the Department of Statistics: If you work in the broad field of statistics, you can work easily from anywhere, as statisticians usually work in the field of health care or in the government or in research and even in higher education, and they collect and analyze data, which is something you can do At home, in the office, or anywhere convenient.
  • Working in Information Technology: If your field of work is in computer systems and information systems, and you are one of those who develop and implement the technical plans for many organizations and companies, you can implement all the work required of you remotely without any complication.
  • Website developers: If you are a web developer then you must work remotely even before learning about Coronavirus; Studies indicate that 16% of men who work in this profession are self-employed, this means that they are not associated with an office, or an employer, even if you are a developer who works for a company, you can easily complete your work from anywhere as long as you have a reliable computer. Tags and internet connection.
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