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How to get psychological comfort



Ways to Boost Your Mood

Psychological comfort and mental health

Mental comfort, or what is called in psychology, mental health is an important and necessary prerequisite for achieving psychological stability, avoiding mental illness and disorders, and this leads to achieving a balance between mental, social and physical health, and preserving the permanence of this balance, in addition to the individual who has mental comfort. And he lives in it is more enjoying healthy family and social relations, and that increases his ability to produce and learn, as for the opposite end that indicates an imbalance in the balance and stability of the individual’s psychological state, and his exposure to various problems, whether emotional, subjective or behavioral, they appear due to several environmental factors And the family and the individual affect the individual’s family, academic and social performance, destabilizing the psychological stability and entering the individual in a cycle of anxiety and tension.


How to achieve psychological comfort

The real problem for the individual appears in the extent of his ability to employ his own will to reach a state of self-alignment. Through adherence to religious teachings, diverse actions, struggle and patience when failing to employ oneself in an adaptive manner, the individual may enter a state of loss and vulnerability that only yields returns that are not beneficial to himself and his community; Therefore, many methods have emerged that help the individual achieve psychological comfort, the most important of which are:

Boost self-confidence

The individual must support himself and charge him continuously with confidence and appreciation, and that is through accurate and realistic identification of the capabilities and capabilities of the individual, and building a single self-image as he sees himself, and this helps him to liberate himself from the set of mental images that others put about him, as it is important to The individual defines his own goal and strives to achieve it; As this goal corresponds to his abilities, energies, and preparations so as not to cause him to feel frustrated upon failure, in addition to the importance of self-esteem by rewarding it when completing tasks and succeeding in implementing all kinds of accomplishments, and this contributes to strengthening self-confidence.

Overcoming stress and fear

In life, the individual faces many fears and pressures that may cause him a lot of anxiety and tension, but surrendering to fear and tension and living within their framework will impede the individual from practicing his life in a normal and stable manner, so he must confront and identify the sources of fear and its motives, and try to overcome them and be aware of them and be aware of the truth Its size and avoiding exaggeration, being able to overcome feelings of fear and the consequent anxiety and tension will bring the individual the greatest possible comfort and mental health.

Achieve physical comfort

The self-foundations for psychological comfort are a very important matter, but they do not achieve their demands except through attention to the biological aspect of the physical and physical structure of the individual, as the human body always needs relaxation. Therefore, he needs to get an adequate amount of regular, comfortable, and adequate sleep, in addition to the importance of practicing activities and exercise, applying an appropriate diet and maintaining as much as possible eating healthy food, and this indicates that healthy physical habits have a clear effect on the general state of one’s health, It also increases his ability to face various psychological and life pressures, and to obtain psychological comfort as much as possible.

Be positive

Being positive appears through the individual maintaining positive and optimistic responses and behaviors to maintain a good and healthy psychological state, and the individual can reach the required levels of positivity; By reducing negative ways and patterns of thinking about life situations and pressures, it is also important to maintain the level of constructive dealing with problems and not thinking about them alone without thinking about reaching their solutions.

Not to compare oneself with others

The individual should ignore comparing himself to others; Because that creates non-constructive impressions about oneself, the existence of comparison leads the individual to underestimate his talents, abilities, and self-accomplishments that he possesses. Comparison in all its areas and trends may lead the individual to build subjective levels of false satisfaction, or to a feeling of frustration and failure, and in general, everyone has His special abilities and the self-skills that he is distinguished by; Therefore, the individual should compare himself with his past achievements and current achievements. Any comparison of the same how it was and how it became.

The smile

The sincere and true smile emanating from the heart is a symbol of healthy and normal health, and the smile is a secret of attraction, a short and easy way to hearts, and it has a kind of infectious energy that spreads happiness and security towards others.

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