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Pollution damage and health risks



+ Environmental pollution

With the scientific and industrial progress in the world, the continuous increase in the number of the world’s population, and the increase in demand for various industries of all kinds, the planet paid the price for that as it was subjected to depleting its natural resources and polluting its water sources, which led in some countries to launch a state of maximum warning of pollution reaching Its highest levels, and some scientists have also issued warnings about the approaching end of life on the planet Earth because of the various human activities harmful to the planet.

Among the most important of these behaviors that are harmful to the planet is the increase in the number and spread of factories, and the multiplicity of their fields to increase production, all of this has led to an increase in environmental pollution, especially air pollution.

+ Factory smoke damages

Factory fumes cause multiple damages to the environment, humans and animals, and because of them major environmental imbalances have occurred in the world, and they have directly and indirectly led to the death of many living creatures, including humans. Among the damages of factory fumes :

  • It causes various diseases in humans, such as asthma, respiratory infections, and lung cancers.
  • Soil contamination with acid rain resulting from the association of water molecules with toxic elements, such as nitrogen oxides and sulfur, which leads to soil poisoning and the killing of plants and their microorganisms, which result in great harm to human food. This places the elements of the living and non-living environment in danger.
  • The decay of the ozone layer that protects the planet from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun, and this threatens the living creatures on the planet with the spread of cancer resulting from the infiltration of this radiation.
  • Increasing the proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and increasing the earth’s temperature. This phenomenon is called global warming, which mainly causes the earth’s temperature to rise above its natural temperature, which will lead to the melting of the ice poles and flooding the earth. These gases work to trap carbon dioxide and radiation Infrared in the ground to help increase global warming.
  • Surface and groundwater contamination due to acid rain and industrial waste, and the formation of black clouds that block the sun’s rays, as happened in London.
  • The extinction of some types of living organisms due to the threat to their habitat due to climatic changes from pollution of air, water and soil

The most dangerous factory gases

CO2 is considered one of the important gases on the planet, as it enters the process of photosynthesis in plants, and its natural ratio in the air is 400 parts per million, and this percentage is likely to increase greatly due to the different human activities represented by factory fumes and burning fuel. And in the event that the proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases, then it becomes one of the most dangerous gases in the air on the environment, as it causes various respiratory diseases, and leads to an increase in the earth’s temperature, resulting in floods and flooding the land.


When more carbon monoxide is released into the air, which is a gas resulting from the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels and factory gases, it will cause plants and trees to wither, wildlife extinction, and epidemics. As for lead, its gases cause poisoning through its compounds, and if it is absorbed by the skin, the skin has a negative effect on the human body, which may lead to death. Lead poisoning was widespread in the 1980s, when the fuel still contained lead. Air pollution must cause significant economic damage, as livestock and plants are destroyed, and expenditures for treating patients and the use of medicines and hospitals are increased.

Factory solutions

The world and its leaders began to sense the dangers that affect life on Earth, which were caused by air pollution and global warming, so the countries of the world met annually to discuss this issue in what is known as the climate summit, but solutions to this problem are possible and simple, including :

  • Reducing the numbers of factories as much as possible, especially military factories that people do not need.
  • Excluding factories from residential areas, farms, nature reserves, and water sources.
  • Putting filters on factory chimneys to minimize toxic gas emissions.
  • Stepping up tree planting to increase oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide.
  • Enact international and domestic laws to prevent factories and countries from releasing gases in excess of the daily allowable limit.
  • Spreading awareness of the risks of global warming in schools, universities and environmental societies.
  • Switching to alternative energy sources, such as wind and sun energy.
  • Recycle and not incinerate waste to reduce harmful emissions of these gases.

Diseases caused by pollution

Pollution occurs as a result of changes in the composition of the atmosphere, due to the mixing of foreign particles in it, which are harmful to the neighborhoods in which they live, such as carbon oxides, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbon compounds, and radioactive compounds, where factories are established within the population areas, releasing gases harmful to human health Also, burning fumes from car exhausts cause the following diseases :

  • Lung, and blood cancer.
  • Liver diseases.
  • Nervous system diseases.
  • Heart diseases.

Water Pollution

This type occurs as a result of a change in the concentration of water elements, or a change in their condition due to human activity, as a result of the leakage of oil from tankers to sea and ocean waters, dumping of factory waste and garbage into the water, and the following diseases are produced :

  • Kidney disease, such as kidney failure.
  • Urinary tract cancers such as bladder cancer.
  • Blood diseases and leukemia.
  • Gastrointestinal diseases.

Radioactive pollution

Among the most dangerous types of pollution, it appeared in recent years, where a person is exposed to many radiation in daily life, such as infrared, ultraviolet, as well as X-rays, lasers, and atomic nuclear radiation, which causes the following serious diseases :

  • Skin cancer.
  • Eye diseases such as retinitis.
  • Anemia and sterility, and a mutation in fetuses.
  • Burns, tumors, and congenital malformations.
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