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Political science majors



Jobs for Political Science Majors

Political science major

The political science major deals with the development, the functions of government, and the behavior of rulers throughout history, as many political science graduates, pursue their jobs in government or public service, as elected politicians, assistant employees, or consulting analysts, while other political science majors are based on analysis The work of governments remotely, by following their functions as faculty members in the path of colleges and universities, which enables professors to influence current government policies, by writing articles in political magazines, engaging politicians in discussions, and researching the effects of proposed laws. The faculty also focuses on future political movements by encouraging students to discover controversial ideas.


Political Science Majors

Possible jobs for political science major

The political science major has many jobs, including:

  • Political scientist: A political science degree can prepare a person for the career of a political scientist, as advanced degrees focus on public administration, public policy, and international affairs, and job opportunities are also expected as a political advisor, research analyst, or political campaign manager.
  • Civil Service: A political science degree provides an excellent basis for work for all those who obtain a bachelor’s degree and graduate studies in political science, for careers in the public sector such as a government official, an employee in the House of Representative’s office, a customs employee, a government analyst, or an immigration employee, Foreign Service Officer, or Electoral Officer.
  • Teacher: A master’s degree helps political science graduates work in elementary, middle, or secondary education, political science education, international relations, historical and social studies, and these positions often require additional education and teacher degrees.
  • Post-secondary teacher: Postgraduate degrees in political science can qualify some people to teach political science and international affairs at community colleges or universities, and can work as a university professor, and also contribute to the academic field with research and written publications if a doctorate is obtained.
  • Lawyer: Lawyers usually obtain postgraduate studies in law, and many lawyers hold a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, which enables them to develop the skills of reasoning, reasoning, writing, and analytical skills that enable them to study law.
  • Journalist: Knowledge of political science can qualify a person to become a skilled journalist with the written and communication skills needed to effectively report and comment on domestic and international public affairs.

Political Science Careers

Possible courses in political science

There are several courses for the political science major, and among the possible courses are the following:

  • United States Government Course: In this course, students provide an overview of the US government, with a focus on local and federal branches of government and politics. Students also discuss different perspectives on existing political theories and examine the constitution.
  • Comparative Politics course: The course usually compares the political and governmental systems of various global societies through the current theories of comparative politics. Economic development, globalization, and ideology are the basic concepts that are discussed.
  • International Relations Course: Students discuss foreign policy, diplomacy, and other major global political issues in this course. Students also learn economic, political, and social factors that contribute to various theories of international relations in the global political economy.
  • Global Conflicts Course: In this course, students analyze the causes, theories, and dynamics behind contemporary global conflicts. The methods of international politics and government are taught, along with global security.
  • Political Philosophy Course: This course studies political topics presented by great philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle, and students also discuss how to apply different political philosophies in modern society. Global justice and human rights are also a subject of study.
  • Politics and Media Course: It examines the content and effects of the media about politics and government. Students usually analyze television, newspapers, and political advertisements, and communication is through radio.
  • Human Rights Course: It focuses on the human rights movement at the international level and how it affects the United States, such as the topics of the place of origin of human rights, and the emphasis on the concept of civil rights.
  • A course on riots, rebellions, and revolutions: Students study political conflicts that have turned into violent manifestations, and include special topics such as the anti-cultural movement in the 1960s, the Russian revolution, and modern events.

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