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Powerful Ways To Overcome Failure



How to overcome failure


The feeling of failure is one of the most difficult things a person may feel in his life. This is because it results from a person’s inability to achieve a goal that he set in his life, but failure to achieve a specific goal does not mean the end of life. Rather, this failure must be an experience from which a person draws lessons to be the beginning of the path to success in his life, and in addition to what he gains from experiences, it happens. Likewise, it is honored to try once, twice, and three times to achieve the desired success. A person who does not try and go through experiences and does nothing is the one who has no share of failure.


Rushing to judge different situations and describing them as failures is one of the problems of understanding the meaning of failure for people, and it is better to view failure from a wider angle Understanding the issue while leaving the spiral of partial judgments that are generalized to the overall picture leads to understanding it, work, perseverance and diligence to achieve it, and achieve opportunities for future successes, so what is the definition of failure, what are its causes, and how can it be overcome to reach success?

failure causes

Defining failure

In the old definition of failure, failure was expressed as a result of impotence or negligence, and the inability to reach goals, in addition to being a mistake that deserves punishment and reprimand. As for its modern definition, it took another form that makes failure an unforeseen outcome, but it leads to a continuous challenge and motivation. For more experience, a transitional stage to achieve the goals, and a new opportunity to gain more experience, the failures at present within this definition herald great successes in the future.

How to overcome failure

Causes of failure

There are several reasons that lead to failure, and they are as follows:

  • The individual’s inability to understand others, and not possessing the appropriate skills to deal with and get along with them.
  • Negative mindset, and negative reactions to what is encountered in life.
  • The inadequacy of the circumstances and the nature of the work to the level of skills and capabilities.
  • Loss of focus.
  • Indifference and lack of commitment.
  • Attachment to the past, the inability to deal with the present reality, and the unwillingness to make new changes.
  • Not giving enough time to accomplish goals, and having a short mindset trying to take the shortest path to achievement.
  • Being satisfied with talent and completely relying on it, without looking for anything that enhances and develops this talent.
  • Reliance on missing or insufficient information, and using it to make decisions.
  • The absence of goals, and the person not knowing what he wants, and what to strive for.

How to overcome failure

How to overcome failure

The following can be used to overcome failure:

  • Belief in God and that failure is examined and tested; To see the individual’s patience and satisfaction with the judgment of God that motivates him to work, exert and try, and strive to overcome feelings of anxiety and disappointment.
  • Coping with positivity and the ability to control impulses; When dealing with positivity, self-control and emotions towards the experiences and difficulties encountered; This prevents surrender to circumstances, strengthens immunity to failure, and is useful in drawing experience from it.
  • Understand failure without letting it obsess over the thinking that causes a feeling of despair, transforming it into a catalyst for successes, and inspiring new experiences in which there is little error.
  • Not to blame others on the causes of failure and make them a candle to rely on, and not to comment on the causes of failure on others, this is what makes failure an unhelpful or inspiring experience, while it should be a catalyst for more experiences that carry opportunities for success.
  • Transparently analyzing the causes of failure, and correcting these causes in any new experiments.

How to overcome failure

Examples of failover

Many stories talk about great successes that were achieved as a result of overcoming failure, including:

  • Hans Andersen wrote his famous story The Ugly Duck, and in the events of the story this duck was treated as a failure and she began to see herself as such, and the reason for all this was the inability to understand the difference, and to deal with matters from immediate and specific perspectives in one time and context, as well as the inability This duck could show its skills only after I accidentally looked at its reflection in the lake and found that it is beautiful, and its difference should not be a cause for failure.
  • A Beethoven teacher who was teaching him music, told him one day that he had no talent and was not competent to be a composer, but he persevered and worked until his name became immortal in composition.
  • Bill Gates, one of the world’s richest people, talks about many failed experiments and failures that later turned into great achievements in the computer world. I went many years trying to create a database called Omega and it failed, But it resulted in the creation of the most famous database later, and millions were invested and many hours were spent in a joint operation project with another company that was not completed, but later resulted in the most famous operating system, and it is also mentioned that a failed attempt to create an electronic spreadsheet made only slight progress that contributed to Create an advanced electronic graphic program.
  • Soichiro Honda, founder of Honda Motor Company, talks about his failure, growing up in a poor family, and a tragedy that befell him, which is the death of a number of his relatives due to starvation, in addition to his encounter with many pitfalls, such as the explosion of his factory, then its destruction again due to an earthquake, but he made failure and hardships a grant Connected it; To achieve great successes.
  • In the year 2000 AD, a swimmer from Guinea named Eric Musambane appeared, and Eric entered the world of swimming training nine months before the start of the Olympic Games, and he was training in a swimming pool in a modest hotel, and he had stated to one of the televisions that all he hoped was reaching the end of the race Which is the longest distance Eric will travel in his life, and during the preliminary race that is held to determine the qualifiers, Eric swam alone the whole race, while the other swimmers did not qualify, and although Eric took twice the time needed by the shortest number at the time, this is a major failure, however, he succeeded in his attempt, as he continued the race until he reached its end; At that time, he had finished the longest race in his life, and the public cheered him loudly for reaching the end of the race.

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