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Volubilis, Morocco’s Magnificent Roman City



Volubilis, Morocco's Magnificent Roman City

Location of Volubilis

Volubilis is located in Morocco specifically near the city of Fez in the plain of Jebel Zerhoun. The city became a flourishing center of late Hellenistic culture, and then it was annexed to the city of Rome in 44 AD. Rome during the Edmond Revolution and the region was known to the Arabs by several names, such as Ulili, Wallila, and Wali, in addition to the fact that the region possesses many Roman monuments, the most important of which are a square and a church from the second century AD and the Arch of Caracalla.

The city of Volubilis in Morocco

The city of Volubilis is a Roman ruin dating back to the Mauritanian capital that was founded in 3 BC, where this city was built with many amazing buildings, but only some of the remaining remains and mosaics have been preserved as a souvenir from a formerly prosperous city, the area is famous Possessing many archaeological remains of many civilizations, the area produced many artistic materials such as marble, mosaic, bronze statues, and many inscriptions. These monuments help to show the creative spirit of the people who lived in that area throughout the ages. The most important site in Volubilis is the road The Roman ramp, which was built in the year 168-169 AD, and the area shows two topographical forms: the relatively flat sloping area located in the northeastern part, and the huge sector and part of the triumphal arch that the Romans used as a system to bridge the urban gap, in addition to a rougher mountainous area covering the southern parts The western part of the region, which is characterized by terraces.

Moroccan city of Volubilis

History of Volubilis

The city of Volubilis is considered one of the most important and largest archaeological sites in Morocco, as it contains the remains of settlements dating back to the pre-Roman and early Islamic periods. Great wealth as a result of its agricultural products, but the Romans abandoned it in the year 285 and with the arrival of the ruler Idris I, the founder of Fez, who was considered the first Islamic ruler of Morocco, the city gained its era again, before re-abandoning it again after the nineteenth century, and the city is newly managed by archaeologists for its maintenance.

Monuments in Volubilis

The remains of antiquities in the city of Volubilis attract many visitors from all over, and it has been classified on the UNESCO Heritage and Archaeological Sites List. The city contains the remains of ancient Roman ruins, and the city has great heritage importance because of the manifestations of Roman and Latin urban development, which is reflected in Latin writings. and illustrations that link the authentic Roman cultures, and the city enjoys a rich location with a wonderful view of the regions of North Africa. Among its folds are many archaeological meanings related to the city. Steam baths dating back to the Arab period were found in it, and many ancient mosaic paintings give it a luxurious artistic character.

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