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Methods of self motivation



Methods of self motivation

+ Self motivation :

Self-motivation is defined as the process of charging it with all the positive feelings and sensations that drive a person to achieve his goals and goals in the shortest time and the least effort possible, and this motivation may be either internally stemming from the self or personal thoughts that result from a sense of responsibility, or externally from the people around, such as family and friends, In this article we will mention a group of simple methods that develop and motivate the self.

+ Motivation Elements :

The motivational elements are as follows:

  • Capacity: so that a person is able and qualified to perform the required behavior, through which the work can be improved if motivated, other than the unqualified person.
  • Desire: It is the desire of the motivated individual to reach and achieve the goals set, and if the desire does not exist in the individual, the chance of success is small.
  • Effort: It refers to the energy spent and the time required to achieve the goals set. Energy alone is not sufficient for the individual to accomplish what is required of him, but needs sufficient time to do so.

Methods of self motivation :

There are many methods for self-motivation, including :

  • Stay away from fear, and think negatively, as these feelings prevent a person from working and trying to change, because it fatigues the soul and kills determination, and therefore man will not be able to see the options available to him.
  • Determine goals and future plans to be achieved and reached, with care to start with one goal at a time, so that the person can focus on this goal, and work by all means to achieve it, and it is also preferable that the single goal be divided into a group of parts, and work on it With determination and determination.
  • Transforming the journey of achieving tasks and goals into something fun and fun, as this encourages the continuation, in addition to improving the result and implementing it faster.
  • Read about the goal to be achieved, or hear others ’success stories, whether from family, friends, or celebrities to benefit from the positives, and learn from the negatives not to fall into them, because this will facilitate the process of implementing the goal and achieving it, so that the human being becomes more willing, determined, and determined.
  • Rewarding oneself when achieving the goal, or overcoming a difficult obstacle, such as going on a trip or a picnic with friends.
  • Increasing the sense of self-confidence, and that is by thinking positively, and if it is difficult to feel optimism and positivity, it is advised to draw up a list of ten things that a person possesses, and feel satisfied and grateful, then look at it on a daily basis to charge the soul with positive energy, and the soul must be surrounded by positive people, And not to listen to negative people.
  • Exploiting all available resources and capabilities, and seeking the help of family, friends and acquaintances to reach the desired goal. Familiarizing oneself with imagining the future for a few minutes during the day, and focusing on seeing dreams and goals achieved, which will motivate a person and increase his enthusiasm to work on himself and develop himself.
  • Review the action plan followed, and make the necessary adjustments to it, to accelerate the process of reaching the desired goal, with minimal effort.
  • Announcing the goals to be achieved in front of others, as this will put a great pressure on the person, and will make him abide by the plan of action in all its edges, and it is possible to take advantage of social networking sites, such as: Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat to spread the goals.
  • Ask for support and encouragement from friends or surrounding people.
  • Record the progress being made continuously on a notebook, and keep it.

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