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Best Marriage Advice & Secrets of Happy Couples



Best Pieces of Marriage Advice for Couples

How to organize married life

There is no organized person without diligence, so a person must organize his life by trying to change his habits and the way he plans things, setting goals and striving for them, to make his life orderly and organized, and the same applies to a happy married life, as it needs to be organized and planned jointly by the spouses. Before getting married alone, you differ from life by having a permanent partner who supports you in all situations and circumstances and shares them with you, and there are some plans and methods that organize married life, including the following:


Establish special family laws

There are some special family matters and laws that it would be good for the spouses to agree on and communicate in advance about them, including the following:

  • Mutual respect between the couple’s families: It is wonderful for each of the spouses to communicate with the family of his partner, and to be on good terms with them, as the parents of the husband and wife are two basic parties in the family, the spouses will share with them the beautiful times, happy celebrations, and important moments in their lives, therefore it is necessary to agree on the need to welcome them And treat them with affection and love, so that life continues without family problems that may later affect the happiness of the spouses.
  • Determine the holidays that can be spent with the two families: The spouses can agree and distribute the holidays, leave their days for rest and recreation, then visit the wife’s family on certain days, and leave other days to visit the husband’s family.
  • Sharing some celebrations with the two families: Sharing happy times with the family is a good opportunity for both spouses to get close to the family of their partner, and spend beautiful moments with them that may not be repeated, but the spouses must agree on this in advance and arrange and invite families to celebrations in a way that suits both, leaving a private space They have to celebrate together especially on some occasions.

Choose a couple’s home

The spouses need a private house to live in, and the matter may be closely related to their financial capabilities, and if the spouses are unable to own a home of their own, it requires saving, and a joint plan is drawn up about their desire to prioritize the purchase of their future dream home and live in it together within their financial budget.

Best Marriage Advice

Discussing the couple’s desire to have children

Often the decision to have children is something special that the spouses talk about and decide sometimes before marriage, and it will be frustrating for one of the spouses to want to have a child while the other party postpones that, and here comes the role of good communication between the spouses to convince the other party of his desire, and reach a joint decision about the appropriate timing for having a child By the different circumstances of the spouses, such as the financial circumstances, or sometimes the wife’s work.

Pay attention to health goals and avoid neglecting them

The health of the family must be taken care of and made it among the priorities of marital life, and of course, each of the spouses has a variety of foods that differ from the other, methods of personal care for his health, or special exercises to maintain his fitness, but the spouses must share health concerns and problems, and agree on a healthy lifestyle for the family, Including the quality of foods, a way to lose weight, or others that support and maintain their health together.

Organize and plan financial affairs together

It is necessary to reach a joint marital plan about the family’s financial affairs, the method of saving or spending money, or the existence of a joint or separate account for each of the spouses. Sometimes financial affairs may be one of the causes of marital disagreement. Therefore, the two spouses must discuss with each other if one of them has some debt Or private financial dues, finding a way to pay them, and determining the spouses’ financial priorities from buying a house, or paying off debts, while not neglecting the basic needs of the family, and the monthly bills that they must pay, in addition to changing financial priorities in the case of children, where responsibility and family needs will increase To be provided.

Finding ways for good communication and adjustment between spouses

Before starting planning and developing ideas to organize married life, both spouses must be able to deal with each other as companions and partners in life, find ways to communicate together and choose methods of meaningful dialogue, and use constructive discussion to continue together despite the difficulties and obstacles they will face, so organizing married life It requires sharing them, and adapting them psychologically and physically to achieve this, after each losing the independence that they enjoyed in the past.

Determine the basic goals and joint planning between spouses

The spouses must distribute tasks between them, and assign each party to responsibilities and duties according to his ability, including daily and routine housework, other work outside the home, or special social duties, in addition to defining the main goals of their relationship, which is to maintain affection, strong affection, and love between them, to Promoting and supporting them later, in addition to sharing the aspirations that the spouses desire to achieve, whether at present or in the future, with the necessity of equality between them at work and each assuming responsibility.

Marriage Advice for Couples

Tips for a successful married life

After the wedding ceremony, the spouse’s dream of spending a happy married life with the partner who chose to associate his heart with him, spend his life with him and share with his moments of love, happiness, sadness, joy, and madness, and some tips may serve as keys to organizing life and maintaining a happy and successful marriage, Among them are the following:

  • Adopting frankness between spouses, and mutual respect when speaking, with the need for them to share different feelings and ideas, whether in the context of the family, raising children, or personal matters, and general ideas.
  • Demonstrating constant interest and thanksgiving between spouses for the simplest daily needs and work, and clarifying how happy each of them is in the presence of the other party in his life.
  • Enhancing trust between spouses and building it to strengthen the relationship between them, consolidate it, and continue marital life without doubts or fear of the future.
  • Tolerance between spouses and the need to forgive each other for the mistakes of the other, marital life is a long process that contains many difficulties and problems that the spouses must overcome together, and this is not possible if each of them stands on the mistake of the other and looks at himself as idealism, we all make mistakes and aspire to others’ forgiveness for us.
  • Accepting the differences and contradictions between the spouses, especially when falling into problems and the anger of one of them, as each of them must allow the other to clarify his position, indicates a point of view, then judge the situation fairly and equitably, in addition to the need for one of them to withdraw and move away from a little if the situation worsens, then Return and discuss things calmly after taking a rest.
  • Giving each of the spouses a special space to find himself and get out of the daily routine, and take a rest away from family problems, so that he can go out alone, or meet with colleagues and friends, while not neglecting his partner and giving him the right to accompany him and go out with him.
  • Exchanging gifts between spouses, as the gift deepens the feelings of love between them, strengthens the relationship, and shows the interest of both parties in the partner, with the need to select gifts that the partner loves with effort and diligence. To please him more.

Regulating married life

A happy married life and family stability require a lot of effort, work, and perseverance for the sake of the success of marriage and the achievement of the common goals that the spouses aspire to. Marital life is vital and far from routine and boredom, and it brings the spouses closer, and makes them work together diligently and share constant steps to organize and plan their lives in all its areas, whether physical, emotional, social, or psychological, and make life valuable and meaningful, and not chaotic so that It does not affect their happiness and their future relationship in the presence of children, and the increased responsibility that falls on both of them.

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