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7 Ways to Have Fun While You Study



how to Have Fun While You Study

Study in groups

Studying with a colleague or in groups is one of the ways that motivates a person to study better and without boredom. Instead of being closed and continuing to study throughout the day, you can search for a colleague and study with him. Study groups help to engage and process information more deeply. Study in groups is distinguished by creating An atmosphere of entertainment during the study, such as playing charades, drawing, or holding a competition to solve a problem. Study groups divide topics and distribute roles and discuss them. Sometimes the best way to learn something is to teach it to others, even if the topic is not able to master and master. Having information with a specific person not only helps to learn but also makes the learning process more enjoyable.


Listening to music

People differ among themselves, some people cannot focus with the presence of music, and some cannot concentrate when the music is attached to the words, but sometimes the music may help to control a topic, and to choose the preferred type of music is done by trying several types of it, Classical music, such as piano, orchestra, or even jazz music may be good options to listen to during the study, as Mozart’s music is recommended, because of its good effect on brain cells.

Use of interactive learning materials

Many educational materials are available in this era on the Internet, with the presence of this large number of electronic courses, and resources available on the Internet, it is sure to find an enjoyable interactive way for the topic being studied, as such programs help to assimilate information more quickly, including sections Videos, exams, as well as direct transcripts that help to better understand the subject of study.

Use of graphs

This method is fun to learn, as it helps to connect information more easily. This idea can be applied to all areas of learning, including taking notes and writing articles, where diagrams and graphs can be created to illustrate the concepts learned.

Change the environment

Changing the environment is a simple way to make studying more enjoyable and to restore activity to the study, provided that this does not lead to the presence of many distractions in the new place, and to remain focused, for example, you can change the place of study to the library instead of home, or move the study office to the side of the window, Or even go to a nearby cafe and study there.

Colorize notes

Coloring the different topics in color facilitates attracting attention and studying them, and makes the topics interesting. A colored page with different colors attracts attention to study more than a page written in one color.

Take regular breaks

The break is taken approximately every half hour so that it is possible to go for a walk for a quarter of an hour, and in this way it is possible to restore activity to the study properly, taking care not to avoid the accumulation of information without assimilation.

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