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How to Learn to Cook | Cooking for Beginners



How to Learn to Cook


Cooking is defined as the skills of preparing food, and it is by mixing, collecting several ingredients together, putting the ingredients on the fire, and preparing them in a specific way. It is possible to learn cooking after high school, by applying to culinary schools or institutes, to work as a cook; where there is a hierarchy for this function; There is the chef, the executive chef in charge of the entire kitchen, and the study of cooking requires knowledge in many areas; These include natural sciences, mathematics, art, human relations, and foreign languages.

How to learn to cook

There are several ways to learn to cook, and they are as follows:

  • Going to cooking lessons, by hiring a chef.
  • Watch cooking classes online, and try to master the complex skills that are done with them.
  • Watch videos with cooking tips.
  • Learning from mistakes if a meal fails or burns.
  • When cooking there are several tasks; Including cutting vegetables, serving the meal, and cleaning the kitchen while preparing the meal, and these things may seem difficult for the novice chef, and it is something that requires patience, determination, and boldness.
  • Start practicing simple cooking recipes, choose fun and delicious recipes, and read the cooking instructions carefully in cookbooks; So as not to get confused while preparing food.
  • Purchase all ingredients for the recipe; This is because the ingredients are very important, and not adhering to them or if they are not fresh, this may cause the cooking to spoil.
  • Prepare all cooking matters; From cutting the vegetables, preparing the meat, preparing the spices, and then following the recipe so that there is no confusion.

Cooking for Beginners

Cooking skills

In order to learn to cook, several skills must be learned, including the following:

  • Master the basic skills of using a knife, including knife sharpening, and cutting onions quickly and efficiently.
  • Learn to boil eggs, by placing eggs in a pot containing cold water, and the boiling process depends on determining the duration of boiling. After the water boils, eggs are boiled for 7-10 minutes, as well as learning to fry eggs, which is done by mixing eggs well, then pouring them inside Fryer until cooked.
  • Learn how to cook pasta, and it is cooked by placing it in a bowl with an amount of boiling water equivalent to twice the amount of pasta, then adding a little salt, and placing it on the fire for 10-12 minutes, and it must be stirred in the first minutes so that it does not stick together, and it is worth Note that each form of pasta has its own cooking time.
  • Learn how to separate the yolk from the white; This is done by breaking the egg using the blunt part of the knife, then opening the shell from the middle, and then passing the yolk between the two shells while allowing the white to descend into the lower bowl, until they separate from each other.
  • Learn how to knead manually by mixing water with flour, while continuing to beat the dough until it becomes soft, then sprinkle flour on a clean surface and knead the dough using the fist.
  • Learn how to mash the garlic.
  • Learn how to make salad dressing; It is possible to use one amount of vinegar for three parts of oil, and it is possible to use lemon juice, fresh herbs, garlic powder, or mustard with the salad.
  • Learn how to make tomato paste without having to buy it, and it can be kept for a week in the refrigerator.
  • Learn to use food measuring tools; The measurement of dry materials is completely different from the measurement of liquid or semi-liquid materials.
  • Learn how to make broth, by placing chicken pieces or bones in a large pot, then placing cold water on it, and placing the pot on the fire to simmer for 3-4 hours, and it is possible to add some vegetables to the broth.
  • Learn how to cook rice, and in the beginning, a quantity of rice is soaked with cold water, washed three times, then filtered, then placed in a pot, and water is placed equal to twice the amount of rice, then covered and placed on a low heat for ten minutes until it is cooked.

Cooking chef utensils

Cooking utensils

The appropriate cooking tools needed for this process must be obtained, the most important of which are the following:

  • Knives: A chef needs three different knives, there is a paring knife, a serrated knife, and a chef’s knife, where the knives must be good and not cheap, and it is possible to use a knife sharpening machine to last for longer periods.
  • Cutting boards: It is best to have two cutting boards; This is to avoid mixing flavors.
  • Bowls: It is preferable that the bowls used for mixing be metallic, such as stainless steel, and it is better to have a complete set of them; Because they are placed inside each other, they do not take up much space or space when storing them.
  • Measuring spoons or cups: These cups or spoons help inexperienced people, in this way the ingredients are added in the correct doses.
  • Cooking pots: It is best to use non-stick pots, and avoid scratching the surface of the pot when stirring.
  • Mixer (Kneader): The dough mixer is used for kneading.
  • Electric blender: The blender helps to mix juices, or prepare salad dressings.

Cooking Basics Everyone Should Know

Tips for safe cooking

There are several tips for cooking safely, and they are as follows:

  • Hands should be washed with soap and water after touching foods; Especially raw meat, and hands should be dried with paper towels.
  • Thoroughly clean all areas of raw meat.
  • Put dairy and meat inside the refrigerator after you have finished using them; This is because they spoil quickly.
  • Do not put cooked foods on an unwashed plate, but put them on a clean plate.
  • place electrical appliances away from water; To avoid electric shocks.
  • Do not approach electrical sockets if hands are wet.
  • Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing, and wash your hands after finishing.
  • Turn off the oven after you have finished using it, and remove all its electrical plugs.
  • cover the pan with a lid; To prevent oils from escaping from them.
  • Water should not be added to a frying pan containing hot oil; Because it can cause combustion or oil volatilization.

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