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Tips to learn a new language



learn a new language

Buy a good dictionary

Once an individual desire to learn a new language, one must invest in a good dictionary that contains approximately 40,000 meanings or more and learn how to use it, and one of the advice that must be followed when studying a dictionary is to pay attention, not to literal translation and to avoid primary translation, because Most of the words may possess more than one meaning, and it is preferable to learn new words and vocabulary by using paper cards and to record the foreign word on one side of the card and what corresponds to the same word in the original language (i.e. the language of the individual), in addition to that the best way to learn new vocabulary is Exercising it in daily life.


How to learn a new language

Balance in learning

Learning a new language involves searching for a balance in listening, speaking, writing, and reading. If you focus on one aspect only, the other activities will not take their right to learn. Therefore, a successful and balanced study plan is needed that enables the individual to strike a balance between all the basic activities to learn a new language, whether It is spoken or written.

Online learning

A new language can be learned by surfing the Internet, that is, by using the fun time on the Internet to learn, as the Internet helps build a glossary of linguistic knowledge by translating the parts of the web page that are used into the target language to learn, and this can be done by adding the Language Immersion feature To the web browser, and a new language can also be learned through free lessons that are offered on the Internet, as these lessons cover all foreign languages, and contribute to teaching the language in a freeway by providing audiobooks, websites, and textbooks that the individual can take advantage of and study.

tips to learn a new language

Write down what was studied

The process of learning a new language can be facilitated by writing down the language that was studied or listening to it because writing works to consolidate information in the brain, and the best way to learn a new language is dictation, and this can be done by listening to language lessons and transcribing what is being heard, This method will help in training the ear with accents.

Language practice

In addition to mastering it, a language may be studied for years, but without practicing the language, the language will not be mastered effectively, because the language is considered alive when it is used in social interactions and building personal relationships, so it must be spoken and practiced. On her without fear of making any mistakes.

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