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7 Inspirational Movies That Will Change Your Life



inspirational movies 2021

Limitless (2011)

Eddie Mora is an unemployed author and writer, who undergoes new drug trials under test with the help of one of his old friends. When he gets tested for a drug that enhances the use of mental powers, Eddie is surprised to see that it makes him more confident, focused and memory. So Eddie’s life quickly rises to the realm of success. Karl Van Von discovers this secret, pursues Eddie for this drug, and tries to get rid of it.


limitless movie

Lucy (2014)

The events of the film take place in a world ruled by a mob of street gangs, drug addicts and perverted policemen. , Which turns her into another human being who can comprehend any matter immediately, is able to move things mentally, and is able to bear pain without affecting it.

lucy movie

Focus (2015)

Nicky is a seasoned hustler who falls in love with a rookie and fraud rookie Jess. While he teaches her to deceive business dealings, she begins to get along with him, and he suddenly breaks out. Three years later, this enthusiastic girl appears in Buenos Aires, Argentina as a dazzling mesmerizing woman amid a car race track full of huge betting. During Nikki’s latest and dangerous scheme, Jess is surprised by this clever trickster while he’s in his favorite game.

focus movie

Inception (2010)

Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a very special and super high-class customer, in fact a dream hacker! He is recruited by a super-rich businessman named Saito to infiltrate the mind of one of his competitors named (Robert Fisher) with the help of a special device, to implant an idea into the man’s mind that appears to come from within himself, not from outside. The idea is for the man to dismantle his father’s companies that he will bequeath from him.

inception movie

The founder (2016)

The film reviews the biography of the American businessman (Ray Kroc), founder of the famous McDonald’s restaurant chain, as he reviews his journey with the establishment of this establishment until it reached its great success to become today the largest chain of fast food restaurants in the world.

the founder movie

The accountant (2016)

(Chris) is a judicial and legal accountant known for his brilliance, integrity and competence.

the accountant movie

The wolf of wall street (2013)

The work deals with the story of the rise and fall of American billionaire Jordan Belfort. Where he recounts Jordan Belfort’s relationship with the FBI, its attempt to recruit him, the impact of this on his business, and his resounding downfall. Events begin with the rise of the Belfort legend and his transformation into a billionaire.

the wolf of wall street movie

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