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Ways to Improve Your Child’s Skills



Ways to Improve Your Child's Social Skills

Skill development techniques

There are many ways that help parents develop their child’s skills, and these methods can be summarized as follows:

  • Giving instructions: This method is used only to teach the child how to do a specific thing through directions, so that these directions and instructions are appropriate to the child’s level of perception, taking into account the attention of the child when presented, the clarity of the voice during speech, in addition to the possibility of using stickers to facilitate the process.
  • Presentation of models: At a certain cognitive level the child will move to develop his skills through observing the parents and applying the methods they follow, whether in conversation or social relations, and helps parents develop these skills by presenting these models to the child in a way that facilitates the learning process, such as slowly applying, Giving him an opportunity to practice, or something else that suits the situation or skill.
  • Guidance and correction: This method helps to enable the child to apply the new skills by trying again and again, by correcting the parents for what he is doing, and praising him when he begins to apply it correctly.
  • Teaching skills step by step: This method is used when starting to teach the child complex skills for him, and it involves several stages, where the main task is reduced to several small steps to make it easier for the child to apply them one by one. Directing instructions and displaying models to help the child.

how to improve children's social skills

Social skills

These skills refer to the child’s ability to create and maintain social relationships, and the child uses methods to draw attention and display, building these relationships is mainly focused on playing, and during the development of these skills, the child will be able to distinguish between what is real and what is imaginary, but he will enjoy Imaginative play with friends.

Movement and development skills

Studies indicate that most movement skills develop in children through play, due to the stimulation and strengthening of neurons in the brain. To develop the child’s creativity, increase his language skills and his ability to learn, and show the role of parents in this process by making sure to provide games that contribute to increasing the child’s activity and require the ability to choose, in addition to providing games with a variety of content from arts, music, and trends other educational; The importance of this in the development of the brain.

improving children's communication skills

Stimulating the child’s abilities

Stimulating the child’s abilities is one of the most important methods used to develop his intelligence, as telling him of his abilities and skills, whether the child is intelligent or within the normal range of intelligence, and focusing on his efforts in a job rather than focusing on results contributes to the development of his mental abilities, and a study conducted by Professor Carroll showed Dweck at Stanford University found that children who are told they are intelligent tend to have higher IQ scores than their peers.

Baby healthy nutrition

At a certain stage of his life, the child becomes ready to eat all kinds of food, and at this time the mother must be keen to provide her child with all kinds of foods rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals necessary for the healthy growth of the child’s body, and his proper mental and cognitive development. Examples of foods include Healthy and useful for the child: eggs, leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

Positive discipline for a child

Parents should be keen to use positive disciplinary methods. When a child errs or behaves inappropriately or embarrassingly in front of others, methods and methods must be used that set simple and clear limits and rules for the child in proportion to his age, and at the same time explain to him the punishment that will result from him when he exceeds these limits. without using intimidation or violent tactics; Examples of these methods include getting down to the level of the child’s eyes when addressing or talking to him, and taking into account that the tone of voice is low and serious.

how to improve children's reading skills

Encourage the child to read

Reading offers many benefits to a child; Developing his love of reading at an early age will greatly help him in developing his intelligence in the future on the one hand, and will make him well prepared to receive knowledge on the other hand; As reading will help him understand many complex sciences, such as mathematics, science, engineering, physics, and other basic sciences that make his life more productive.

Avoid electronic games

A scientific study issued by the University of Washington indicates that traditional games contribute to the development of the child’s cognitive development; like playing with cubes; While electronic games are among the games that discourage intelligence and impede creative thinking, although they may make him feel fun and have fun and draw his attention and attention greatly, they are the ones who direct and control the child instead of him being controlled by them.

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