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The book

The book is considered one of the most important means of knowledge at all, and an important civilizational pillar that contributes to the crystallization of the personality of the individual and society alike. The book is a title for various types of knowledge, and therefore the happiness of the individual and the development of societies cease. , And a variety of ways to take care of it.

The importance of the book in life

Attention to the book leads us to everything related to it, such as writing, reading, science and knowledge, as they are all necessary elements and links related to the book, and interest in the book is A title of civilizational values that nations can be proud of and proud of, and it is a title for the diversity of science and its intertwining, for creativity, genius, and excellence, and interest in the book leads us to classify books and frame their topics, according to the message that they carry and express the viewpoint of their owners through them, there are books that carry messages Sami And great in the various arts of knowledge, and there are books that bear the opposite, the effects extend to the individual and society to the same extent and the benefits of the books also include in it the preservation of a person’s life from being lost, and his forgetfulness of boredom, and suppressed him from the passion of lust by filling it with reading, as it includes the nhil of various Varieties of science, which is the best companion for its owner, so that his sitting often outperforms the companionship of friends.


How to interest the book

Awareness of the value of the book and the ways to deal with it is one of the most important ways to advance the book as a civilized and educational value, and to the extent that there is room for the book in the home, and what is received in the family as much as happiness pervades the family members, and the development is in various aspects of life, especially knowledge and educational ones, as well as That the child pledged from an early age to love the book, starting with children’s stories, through small manuals, and ending with books, references, and sources when growing up and growing is considered one of the most important pillars of proper education, so the value of the book must be cultivated in the hearts of students by encouraging the habit of self-reading. And b The book made a motivating tool for the grandfather and perseverance, by giving outstanding students books or stories as material incentive rewards.

There should also be space in mosques to encourage young people to read; by adopting a special record for loaning religious books that are useful for those wishing to read, and there are also public libraries that are sponsored by municipalities and frequented by students of science, researchers, and reading enthusiasts, and in our social life there is a great space to show the value of the book, By making it a form of beloved gift, by wrapping the book in a special gift wrapping, and presenting it on various occasions, and a group of people can participate in a single gift, and it is the conscious and advanced nations that give the book its appropriate position by encouraging authorship, writing, and reading For the subjectivity of Al-Hurra, by this it creates the title of its pride and dignity, and the opposite leads to ignorance, backwardness, and dependence.

The importance of the book and its benefits:

The book has many benefits that are difficult to summarize and summarize, including the following:

  • A tool for preserving history: books are a precious treasure with the information they contain, especially that information that was the first source of scholars, historians and linguists who we did not contemporary, as their science is the basis of our existing science now, and it is not for what they put in these books from the summary of their knowledge, understanding and experiences When we reached the prosperity and development we have reached now, and when we learned about the ancient events of history.
  • A bank of words: The book provides the reader with a huge amount of words and terms, as it enriches the linguistic faculties. The more a person reads books, he gets new terms, expressions and sentences.
  • A world of ideas: The reader will enrich his intellectual world by reading books, and he will see things with different perspectives. He will also find that intellectual books or even literary ones offer him many contradictory ideas that he will not necessarily endorse, but with time he will reach a stage where he accepts the difference with a wide chest, and will necessarily rise His awareness of the world surrounding him will determine his intellectual side, while the book may change man’s view of some things positively.
  • Fiction: The book is a catalyst for the individual’s imagination through what the reader reads from sentences that will form in his brain as living images in the end, not as words, which will become more dazzling over time, even the most wonderful films will not be able to match the fiction of a human, and people have always said a sentence: The most beautiful of the movie, and this is because they translate the words of the books each differently, beautifully and more innovative, and the words that the reader gets from the books will not be read as words in the brain, as the brain is the most impressive laboratory of images.
  • An opportunity to meet celebrities from all ages: in the books, the reader can meet those who wish from personalities in various sciences from various places and times, to know their personal lives and the most prominent ideas they adopted, and what was said on their tongue, and the most important of what they have accomplished so as not to feel a dimension Distances and times.
  • Directory of different cultures: the reader will find in the books details of the cultures of different countries, by describing or accompanying pictures and graphics.
  • Best friend: With the passage of time, the reader will find that the book is the best friend who is able to accompany him everywhere and anytime, and he will not regret the time he spent reading a book, whatever his opinion of him.

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