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How to use the spare time



Spare time

Free time is of great value. Where it can be used to acquire new skills, and the individual can relax in it, and the term leisure time came from Latin origin; It is derived from the word (licere), which means getting rid of work commitments and obligations, but at present, it has come to refer to the freedom of the individual at that time, and to use it in various ways.


Ways to take advantage of leisure time

A successful person is one who makes good use of time, knows how to manage and organize his time, and seize his spare time in work that brings him success and progress so that his morale rises, success and progress is his ally in the steps of his life, and the image of life becomes clear to the individual with all its duties, work, and entertainment.

Among the ways that time can be used to be of benefit are:

  • Doing some useful work in the mosque; The mosque is not only a place for prayer during the five imposed times, but a person can practice in it many useful activities, such as remembrance, recitation of the Qur’an, making workshops for memorizing and interpreting the Book of God, and cultural and scientific competitions.
  • Spending time in practicing some hobbies and sports activities that strengthen and exercise the body, and provide it with energy and physical fitness, and these sports include: jogging, swimming, equestrian, and cycling.
  • Hunting is one of the things that a person can do in his spare time. It teaches a person patience, calmness, and wisdom.
  • Training for various industrial occupations; increases an individual’s skills in mastering the trades that a person needs in his life.
  • Entering into training courses that sharpen the personality of the individual, develop his skills, and increase his scientific and cultural stock.
  • Participating in training camps and educational and recreational trips in a collective manner, from which the individual gets many benefits for himself and others.
  • Participation in modern technical courses, such as training on computers and modern teaching methods; to develop the individual’s skills, and increasing his knowledge in all aspects of life.

Benefits of taking advantage of leisure time

Time is valuable in the life of those who value it, and therefore the individual should make use of every minute of his life, and make use of his spare time in this world and the hereafter. If a person makes the best use of the vacuum, and practices many useful activities in it, and is trained in skills that strengthen his personality, the following benefits are achieved:

  • The use of free time gives the person a high feeling of self-confidence, and that he can achieve and give at any time, so he appreciates himself, and his spirits are raised.
  • In his spare time, a person can reveal his hobbies and most beloved activities that he wants to develop and enjoy.
  • The personality of the individual appears in his spare time and the activities he practices; He appreciates himself and expresses it in the ways he deems appropriate.
  • It provides an opportunity for a person to learn many skills that he may not find during his long hours of work, and in this way, positive self-realization and development.
  • The person’s real challenge appears; This is because he can make use of all his time, even his spare time, to be carefully calculated, and he exploits it for what is useful to him, his ambitions, and his future aspirations.
  • When a person uses his or her time; He will find sufficient time to rest and relax in an organized manner, and improve social relations through group activities aimed at recreation and entertainment.
  • It relieves the stress of continuous work, and renews activity and vitality; To keep up new hours of hard work.

Needs fulfilled in spare time

From the above, it appears that several benefits accrue to the individual when he takes advantage of his spare time. Where he fulfills his basic needs, such as:

  • Physical needs: such as the many activities, and various sports, as it removes muscle tensions from the human body, and stimulates the blood circulation.
  • Social needs: through social contact that the individual achieves as a result of group activities during play and entertainment.
  • Scientific and mental needs: This is achieved by increasing human knowledge, culture, knowledge, and the learning of many skills.
  • Emotional needs or what some call subconscious motives: If these impulses remain repressed in the individual, they negatively affect him. And the practice of various activities in their spare time meets such needs.

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