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How to tighten the abdominal muscles in a week



Abdominal muscles

The abdominal muscles (or stomach) are considered part of the muscles of the middle and they are important not only to give an attractive look but also to the balance of the body and its strength, as it is not without any physical exertion, whether it comes from exercises or daily activities from the use of the muscles of the stomach, which consists of the muscles of the stomach, and the sleeping silence , And muscles of the flanks, and in the event of a weakness in any of these muscles, this will lead to injuries to the body and a great pressure on the bones and joints. Tightening the abdominal muscles is one of the things that most young people of both sexes want, because that area gives it strength to the body and an increase in moderation of appearance, of course there are many factors that prevent the appearance of tight abs in most people, but with a little effort and in a short period of time it can These muscles are trained to look better and more long-term.


The reasons for the disappearance of the abdominal muscles

When talking about the disappearance of the abdominal muscles, this does not mean its disappearance, because it exists and a person cannot live without it. Rather, it is meant not being able to see its details, and the reasons for it not appearing:

  • The nature of the body’s structure; Since the body is endogenous, it is difficult to show the abdominal muscles in it (but it is possible), unlike the ectomorph, and the details of the abdominal muscles can be apparent on its own.
  • Weakness of the abdominal muscles; Whereas, the weak muscle is small in size and does not show any details.
  • Increased fat in the body; As excess fat in the body (especially for men) is stored in the abdominal area in front of the muscles, and these muscles are hidden behind them.
  • Abdominal water retention; This is due to the food diet, as salts and some foods that contain it in high proportions, such as ayran milk, cause water in various areas of the body, including the abdomen, and this is not permanent, but it disappears after a few weeks pass by reducing the salt levels in the diet.

How to tighten abdominal muscles quickly

First of all, we must pay attention to the quality of daily habits, as irregular sleep and lack of movement and types of food intake are considered the first and most important factor in the lack of success of exercises and giving the desired effect, as foods rich in salts help to store water in the body, thus increasing the period required for the emergence of stomach muscles. Tightly, foods that contain saturated fats, such as fried or quick meals in general, are extremely harmful to the body, and a major cause of increased body fat. So you should stick to reducing salty foods, sugars, and saturated fats, and replace them with fruits, vegetables, and trans fats, and lean meats.

There are two main concurrent stages that must be done in order to show the abdominal muscles: burning fat, and tightening the abdominal muscles with exercises. Without fat burning, the details of the abdominal muscles will not appear, no matter how strong, and the abdominal muscle will not be stretched and tight in the event that they are not exercised, as the abdomen will be flat and smooth, so the two stages are important and none of them can be dispensed with.

Burn fat

The body fat is burned by limiting high-calorie foods such as chocolate and sweets, and foods containing saturated fat such as french fries, in addition to carbohydrates that contain a high glycemic index. In order to burn fat more, calories must be burned through athletic exercises such as running and swimming, and they must be prolonged when exercising. To burn large quantities of fat, it is not enough to run or swim for ten minutes only, but the period must reach at least half an hour, and exercises must be adjusted. To increase its difficulty, the effort should be continuous for long periods.

Tighten your abdominal muscles with exercises

As for the exercises to tighten the abdominal muscles, there are several types of exercises that must be practiced for a period of at least a month to obtain the best result in a record time, and it should be noted that the abdominal exercises alone are not enough, and may cause muscle damage; Because of her fatigue if it is practiced daily, so exercises should be a complete system to tighten the muscles of the body, while preserving a lot of drinking water with no less than two liters of water per day, in addition to what the body gets of water in other foods and drinks, and care To avoid smoking and drinking soft or alcoholic beverages, it is preferable to eat more protein-rich foods such as chicken, eggs and fish, because protein is the food component responsible for building muscle in the body.

It is advised to exercise the abdominal muscles every two days, in order to allow a day for the muscles to rebuild themselves, and when exercising the abdominal muscles should be greatly exhausted in order to benefit (to the point of feeling a burning in the muscles), but without doing so to avoid a hernia. Among the most famous exercises to build the abdominal muscles:

  • Sitting exercise; Where a person lies on his back, raises his knees, begins to sit down and then lies down, repeating this until the abdomen muscles are tired.
  • Sitting with weights This exercise is considered difficult, and it is similar to the principle of sitting exercise, except that the person has free weight in his hands while keeping it raised up throughout the exercise, and it can be performed on a slanted seat.
  • The plank exercise lays the person on the ground, as if he wanted to do a push-up exercise, but he fixed his body with his elbows, and he remained in this position for at least 30 seconds, while keeping the back straight.

It is preferable to combine fat burning exercises and stomach muscle exercises in the same training session, in order to ensure energy and cold muscles, in addition to exerting more effort by the body due to the large number of exercises, this helps to burn calories more.

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