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Ways to Stay Active All Day



how many hours of healthy sleep

Ways to keep the body active

There are many habits that can be followed to increase the activity of the body, including:


The University of Maryland Medical Center indicates that a person’s exercise such as brisk walking, swimming, and cycling strengthens the heart muscle, keeps it beating at a higher rate for a long time, and also helps maintain blood pressure and cholesterol index, strengthen the spine, and prevent weight gain. and improve energy level.

Strength and resistance exercises also help to build the body’s endurance, by replacing fat with a mass of muscle, which helps burn calories more, and other exercises help increase body activity and relieve stress, such as practicing yoga, dancing, and trying to touch fingers feet.

Follow a healthy diet

One of the things that help to enhance physical fitness and increase body activity is a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables in abundances, such as spinach, dark leafy vegetables, berries, sweet peppers, watermelon, bananas, and carrots, as this helps maintain blood sugar levels, It reduces overeating.

Lifestyle change

Changing the daily lifestyle is important to increase the activity of the body, for example, some things can be done during working hours, such as replacing the office chair with a balloon in the form of a large ball that ensures the continuous movement of the legs, or taking a break every two hours to go up the stairs, as this helps to revitalize the mind, And increase its focus, and some simple movements help burn fat, such as tapping on the legs, and you can go to work or anywhere else by walking instead of going by car, and do some exercise while watching TV at the time of advertising, for example;[3] where many showed From studies and research, a person sitting for a long and continuous period can cause the risk of developing breast cancer or colon cancer.

Get enough sleep at night

This is one of the obvious things that people always neglect, you will never feel energetic if you do not get a night of quiet and comfortable sleep, and you also have to get a nap during the day to be able to work better for the remaining hours, and this is proven by all scientific studies.

Reducing tension and anger, stress

It is a major source of fatigue and exhaustion, and people may feel a loss of energy as a result of stress even when they spend the entire day doing nothing else.

Drinking water

Water is one of the most important things that enhance the performance of the functions of all organs of the body, and although it is not among the expensive sports drinks, it is the most important one, as exposure to a lack of water in the body can be reflected in the form of the first signs of fatigue and weakness, so it is necessary to drink large quantities of water. Sufficient to conserve human energy.

Daily habits to increase the activity of the body

From daily habits to increase the activity of the body:

  • Walk daily for at least fifteen minutes.
  • taking deep breaths several times a day; This is to supply the body with an adequate amount of oxygen, as this amount of oxygen will act as the engine for the body’s energy.
  • Be sure to eat breakfast, and not neglect it in any way; As this meal is considered as the engine of the body to stimulate it to work and production, and neglecting this meal will increase the person’s hunger at noon, and make him eat a large amount of food, and he will suffer from stress, fatigue, and lethargy.
  • Eating healthy foods at specific times during the day; Where a person can eat between four and six meals throughout the day instead of eating three meals throughout the day, as organizing meals and approximating their timing will greatly regulate the level of sugar in the blood, and enhance the level of metabolism in the body, in addition to contributing to providing a permanent source of energy blood in the body.
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