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How to start your day positive!



Tips to start the day

Each of us has a different morning and daily routine distinct from the other, some love the summer morning with all its details, subtleties, and breezes, and some attract a winter morning fragrant with the smell of rain and dirt and warm as a cup of coffee in the morning, and some love the morning decorated with the October winds and the shades of fallen and scattered leaves here. Their morning is with the world covered in spring, flowers, and buds whose fragrance fills the areas, and a few have no meaning in the morning. They prefer the night and night and start their day with tension, laziness, and lethargy without activity and vitality and without enjoying the wonderful gifts of nature, so the question for many was how to start our day? For everyone who suffers from difficulties in receiving a new day, we will provide a set of positive and effective advice to make your day better and with practice, these tips will become an integral part of your daily routine, which you cannot do without any of them, and you will always search for more for the better.


Start your day with thanks

Think about your life with its full of blessings and goodness, forgetting the negatives and appreciate the value of these blessings on the impact of yourself and your life, and start by thanking and praise be to God, on the condition that you feel their meaning before they utter them. Feel it inside you and you will feel contentment and happiness in yourself and your day, and always remember thanks and praise. The blessings last and increase. If you thank I will increase you. “Meditate on the great meanings of this verse, and for your soul to derive from it enough positive energy to enlighten your entire life.

Start your day on a positive note

Like thinking about what is beautiful and anticipating the occurrence of beautiful and pleasant things, start with optimism from yourself and within you, and you will find the world pliant in your hands smiling, and move away from the negative thoughts that would darken your day, smile to yourself first and to others to find the reflections and the effect of your smile back on you with what is positive.

Start your day with an activity

Like practicing walking in the early morning or doing some light morning exercises that will stimulate blood circulation and provide you with positive energy throughout the day and send happiness and confidence in yourself, do not forget that bathing in cold water is a tonic for the body in the early morning and improves the mood in general and relieves pressures and tensions and removes many Of negative energy and thoughts, and the body replaces it with another, more positive energy.

Start your day with a healthy diet

Perhaps one of the most successful ways to restore the body’s balance after a long deprivation at night is to drink water to restore life to ourselves, and eat a healthy breakfast while realizing its importance in enjoying good health to gain physical and mental balance together, eating some pieces of fruits or whole grains such as oats, breakfast cereals, and natural juice is a guarantor. By providing you with energy for the whole day without feeling tired and exhausted, do not forget to drink a little caffeine, because without a cup of coffee, the day does not start for some, so the smell and aroma of coffee are associated with the morning, activity and focus to start a new day, but without excessive and exaggeration.

Let’s try these tips together and see the difference for ourselves, to gain positive energy, give up all the negative, and make our way towards optimism and happiness.

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