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How to start a new year ? (2021)



plan for your new year

Evaluation of the past year

When thinking about drawing up a plan to follow during the new year, it is necessary to first evaluate the events and achievements of the year that has passed and study these matters through a few analytical questions on the level of work, family, relationships, etc. From time to complete completion; To get rid of all the outstanding matters from the past year, and to receive the new year with a mind devoid of old things, all this helps to draw a plan and goals to start a new life in the new year.


Set realistic goals

When planning for the new year, one must dream about dreams that can be realized on the ground, then start taking measures that help to achieve them, and to achieve these dreams, no matter how difficult they are, you can start drawing them as a clear picture in the mind, then start to realize them part by part until the dream is realized in a form. Whole.

Plan to spend more time with your family

To make a positive change in personal life by the new year, it is necessary to reduce the time that is spent at work, and instead of allocating more time to spend with family members and friends, as it is possible to organize a family meeting in the family home every period, or plan to spend time in a place What is outside with them.

Stop bad behavior

One of the important things that must start the new year is to stop bad behaviors, and it is worth noting that an individual usually needs the necessary willpower to achieve his goal by stopping his bad behaviors and replacing them with good ones. This step increases the individual’s confidence in himself and in his ability to make the required changes.

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