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How To Program The Subconscious Mind



How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Programming the subconscious mind through the conscious mind

The subconscious mind follows the commands of the conscious mind, and does not think independently; This calls for harnessing the power of positive thinking in building the entire thinking process through the conscious mind, which gives it the commands it wants, and the subconscious works day and night to make the individual’s behavior fit the requirements of these orders of thoughts, hopes, and desires, or either the person himself controls the sending of messages. Positive for the subconscious mind to receive it and turn it into a positive reality by controlling the individual’s behaviors, or negative matters that, in turn, also reflect on his behavior.

Use the subconscious mind to achieve goals

Meditate and relax

It is always advisable to meditate and relax to deal with the subconscious, and that is by sitting in a quiet, safe, and comfortable place, as the bedroom is the ideal choice for most people, and the place itself does not matter as long as the person is comfortable and not disturbed, and the lights should be turned off, and close The eyes, and for the person to give himself a minute of mental meditation to determine what he wants from his subconscious mind and the power of his subconscious, then say what he wants explicitly without complicating and prolonging, but in a simple, direct and explicit formula, for example: “I complete this project efficiently And speed, “with the need to maintain the certainty and the complete conviction that this matter has already happened, and not merely saying.

Visualization and imagination

The individual at this stage imagines his request as if it has happened on the ground, for example, if he wants to complete an important project related to the work, he should smile and feel the enthusiasm within it, then he imagines that the project has been completed easily and visualizes the whole situation with realism, clarity, and detail, For example, he imagines how he passionately interacts with his colleagues, and how happy they are in working with him, and this visualization and visual representation should take about two minutes.

The subconscious mind

A sense of the result

You must spend the last two minutes imagining the positive emotions that appear after achieving the desired goal, absolute happiness, a sense of accomplishment and pride at that moment, in addition to visualizing the look of admiration in everyone’s eyes of the person, then feeling those feelings as if they are occurring, and after completing the two minutes the person will He finished the exercise of his subconscious mind and programmed his subconscious to achieve the goal, and then he should go to sleep, as the activity of the unconscious increases in the periods when the person is asleep.

Decision making

The subconscious mind is considered a source of internal inspiration and knowledge, and research has indicated that it helps initiate goal-oriented behavior and creativity and develop ideas in it, in addition to enhancing memory and decision-making work. It should be noted that the subconscious mind must be given sufficient time to make better decisions and be allowed to choose.

The role of the subconscious mind

Some believe that the power of the subconscious mind is pure imagination, and this is not true, it is real, and the principle of its work is very similar to a huge computer that contributes to planning life experiences, as a person programs his unconscious through habits, beliefs, and ideas, as repeated ideas turn into habits, And behaviors, and therefore the role of the subconscious is to respond to human thoughts and turn them into behaviors and facts on the ground.

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