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How to organize your time and benefit from it



The importance of time

Time occupies a great importance in a person’s life, and it is considered as a person’s life, as every day that goes and expires takes the person’s life and brings them closer to him, and therefore the person should make full use of his time to achieve happiness in this world and the hereafter, so that he takes advantage of his time to benefit him . He must realize that time is more precious than being spent on what is not working, and if time passes he will not be able to recover it with all his strength, nor can one stop the clock for any period, no matter how short, and no one can sell and buy time. The importance of time and how to invest it differ from person to person, as well as in different environments and societies, due to the extent of individuals’ awareness of the importance of time in raising the mind and developing the standard of living and life in general.



And manifestations of lack of attention to time and awareness of its value are what can be seen from people spending their time in the streets, streets or cafes, messing around and using the various means of amusement that do not accrue to the individual and society with any of the benefits. There are also those who live their lives in complete chaos without the slightest organization and management of their times, so they do not benefit from their wasted hours, do not set schedules to organize their times, and do not draw plans that explain to them their most important actions, but rather fail to conserve time. Often, some say that he has a large free time, and that he is bored with the daily routine of life, and the fact that there is no free time, but that the individual must finish his work until he begins to perform another job, and invest his time with the most investment, and it is worth noting that from We find them successful scientists, thinkers, creators and businessmen who would not have wasted the least of the time, but would make the most of their time.

Time management and organization

Time management can be defined as doing the necessary things in the correct, timely and correct manner, and that time management is the optimal expression for effective self-management, in addition to that it leads to the management of many tasks and duties, and whenever you control a person’s time and spend it positively, this is best returned to him. Results. As for the process of organizing time, it is defined as the individual’s use of the time available to him in carrying out all his work, by setting a specific plan and goals to achieve it, by preparing tables and lists that contain the tasks that are to be achieved daily, weekly, and monthly.

The importance of time management

Time organizing has many benefits for the individual, and the failure of the individual to organize his time leads to the accumulation of his work and thus increasing the pressures on him, and the benefits of time management:

  • Reconciliation between work and personal life: Whoever organizes time and sets plans and schedules that include all the tasks needed to perform his duties to the fullest, and can even perform his family duties and spend his personal needs and relieve himself without any pressure.
  • Doing business and achieving goals: He who organizes his time and exploits it the most fully exploited feels satisfied with himself and achieves the comfort that all individuals aspire to, whereas whoever wastes his time and spends what is not beneficial to him does not soon regret and feel guilt about that, and he also feels sorrow for Its wasted time in vain.
  • Doing business on time: When one organizes his time, he can do his work first-hand, and therefore time does not come to him by his lapse, and his work does not accumulate and he feels any pressure.
  • Benefiting from the efforts exerted to the fullest extent: by organizing time, the person can make the most of the effort exerted, and this will be of great benefit to him, whether it is to achieve greater wealth, success in work or other desired things.
  • Avoid duplication in achieving business: As a person can organize his time to avoid doing business in a dual manner, and thus achieve balance and self-purity, and away from wasting effort and time.
  • Increasing productivity: The individual who organizes his time achieves high productivity compared to the one who does not organize it.
  • Benefiting from extra time: Whoever organizes his time can accomplish his work with less time, and therefore he can benefit from the extra time by completing other works of the desired work, instead of spending time in front of the TV screen or in other unhelpful work.
  • Gaining respect for people: He who organizes his time and is conservative on his appointments and does his work to the fullest, differs from the chaotic person and earns the respect of others so they like him and love him.
  • Increasing income: Those who organize their time can find additional time to pursue their hobbies, and this helps them find other sources of income.
  • Balance between work and rest: Whoever organizes his time to the fullest extent can take a rest in the specified time for that, and resume work on time as well.
  • Methodology in work and continuous planning: time management helps an individual to plan and accomplish his work with a greater methodology, thus benefiting from the effort exerted more.
  • The organization of life: whereby the one who organizes his time avoids the confusion and mistakes made by the lack of time regulation, and thus organizing life more and organizing the soul as well, which makes life more beautiful and easier.
  • Knowing and identifying priorities: where the person who organizes his time and runs it to the fullest extent can define his near and far goals, and thus organize ideas and define vision clearly.


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