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How to Market Yourself: 7 Key Strategies for 2022



how to market yourself

Determine strengths

The idea of ​​​​marketing for oneself can be considered similar to the idea of ​​​​marketing for a product. The person should set the tasks that he performs well, remember the compliments he received during work, and try to work on them, and he should look at his resume, mention his strengths, achievements, and skills, and try to include some The words he likes, which reflect the interesting aspects of his professional life, in addition to the work-related responsibilities that the person enjoys more than others. Taking these steps will help him arrange his thoughts about himself, and enable him to better answer job interview questions and others.

Building a network on social media

It is recommended to create accounts on social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, then motivate the target audience to subscribe to these pages, update them daily, and ensure that these updates are related to the person’s work and experience, A person can also join lessons and courses to learn how to improve his communication skills on the ground.

Attention to outward appearance

Attention to a decent and tidy outward appearance is one of the most important factors that lead to success, as the outward appearance affects the way others perceive this person, and whether this person is suitable for a particular position.

CV update

The person should keep updating his CV in a way that reflects his personality, and all his goals, whether short-term or long-term, clearly and concisely, to help him promote himself.

Create an official website

A person can market himself by creating an official website in which he can keep all his work, in addition to facts about the successes he has achieved, so that it is easy to reach them by potential customers, or others in general, and a person can add examples On his previous work, testimonials, project case studies, introducing clients, and detailed information about the nature of his work, while being careful to answer common questions.

Develop skills and abilities

When a person wants to market for himself, he must have a good balance of experiences, skills, and various abilities in his field of work, and perhaps other areas, content is the basis of good marketing, and this developmental process can be done by joining good and useful courses, and engaging more in the labor market even without financial compensation, and research About many experiences to enrich the biography of a person.

Show a part of your normal personality

Don’t be afraid to add a little flair and a personal touch to your resume. Employers may be more eager to see the more human side of a candidate, so let interests, feelings, and personal skills are part of the whole package to help you market yourself as a complete person of many aspects.

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